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Travel Pillow

Has anyone used the Travel Pillow (don't know any other name for it) that I see being advertised a lot right now. It's inflatable - inflates up quite large and you lean your head forward on it in your seat. Do you know what I'm describing and, if yes, have you used it and is it comfortable? Thanks.

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Yes, Kathy, that's what I was referring to. The comments are helpful. Thanks.

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I've been considering bringing a regular bed pillow on my next overseas flight. I have quite a few around the house that have seen better days. When the flight is over, I'll toss it at the airport. I typically have a window seat and usually have a travel or airline pillow which slides all over against the window and drops between my seat or the window or behind me. I also use the donut shaped pillow around my neck. The trick will probably be being able and allowed to carry on the pillow along with my carry on and personal item.

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Good idea, Julesmenssen.
Though I just took two big bags of old pillows to the SPCA last week for animal beds!, so no old pillows left.

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Did someone say "travel pillows"!!!!
So I have a smaller..ish wishbone shape inflatable that I use for my lumbar or lower back. It saves my back from tensing. I always bring it with me. Along with either.....

A memory foam bed pillow.
I loved it but it was huge and alot to carry. It was awesome when I had two seats to myself and I could lean my back up against the very back corner of the airplain to sleep... but I found in the middle ...ish window seats it wouldnt support my upper body enough with my elbow and rib cage and would still slide around fall back.
What is was really good for was when I was sick as a dog getting off the flight into Austria. That pillow was amazing for my three hour layover nap on the big cushion benches they have. Saved me.

I then decided to try the turtle... just in case I got a middle seat on my next flight. You know how cheap codeshare goes... no assigned seating until day of checkin. Anyway the turtle was wonderful for the middle seat (which I did get thank u hehe)
It is slightly warm but it helped with neckaches and also privacy by going over my mouth then having an eye mask on.
A huge bed pillow would have been a nightmare in between two poor people one doesnt know.

I also took with me a wrap around neck pillow with tiny soft pebbled type things in it with a double tear. I sometimes used that with the turtle to secure my head in place. I also found it was nice to use to watch movies and kept the neck relaxed at the weird angles we have to look at the screen. It also helped block the weird uncomfortable side view so I could feel more private relaxed in my squooshed middle space and also in the side seats it worked well.

I think a winner would be a window seat with bed pillow to prop up your arm elbow and upper body into that odd crevice between the seat and window. Then the turtle to secure the neck and the fluffy wrap around neck pillow to rest your head against the window....
But no one can carry all that...can we?

So the other problem I have is sleeping on big busses. Same problem of the huge crevices and not having elbow rib cage support. I try to put my head on the table (which I can sleep that way) but often I am to smooshed. I have my head banged before from someone reclining.

Sooooooooo......breath hehe
I ordered your pillow. Linked above. I have only tried it out at home and am planning on taking that and my wishbone lumbar pillow (it hardly takes up any room)
So back to the huge inflatable.
What I like!....
I will be able to use it on any tray to sleep forward...meaning great for the bus and flight. Perfect for the bus. I am 5'6" about and it feels just about right but can be propped up easily with your arms or a bag if taller.
I can easily place it on my lap and place my head in it.
You can sort of look at your phone while your head it down in the hole hehe
Can breathe freely.
It would be big enough to side sleep quite easily on the window while supporting the elbow and rib cage and neck.
I could fall asleep in it at home.
I love the shape.
It is very light.

Slight cons (I dont care about but others may)
When you lay your face in it there is a plastic lip which may need a scarf or small towel draped over as not to irritate the neck.
It takes more then 4-6 puffs more like 8-12 but i didnt find it obnoxious. You could do it without disturbing anyone. You'll have to do it after take off.
It is large. In the middle seat it would take up the whole tray...but again. If they lean back and you lean foward who cares its your space. We need to rest.
When deflated as much as you can get it... it is the size of two men size fists. Little on larger size but not anywhere near a bed pillow.

In conclusion....if you are a crunched up side sleeper or tummy sleeper or you need upper body support... you will love it. I love it and think it will help a ton on 20-35 hour travel days to Europe :)

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@venotraci, what pillow was your winner? I'm sorry I'm trying to figure out which link and which pillow. Thanks!

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My conclusion kind of puddered out hehe Of course. The winner so far is something like this one

Specifically for laying the head forward onto trays or on busses or trains. Also for leaning against the window on flights and busses. Good for leaning forward if your stuck in an airport and cant lean to the side or rest the head back against anything.

This pillow I take everywhere. Folds up to the size of a tall pop can. Perfect for lower back support. The best at it. Self inflatable.
Look at this on eBay

I can use only that pillow and a rolled up jacket for 5-6 hour flight. As for the 8 on up... I have to rest my head and neck at some point and sleep a few hours to function....

For middle seat between two strangers winner is the turtle and a u shape neck pillow of choice.

It really depends on your needs and likes.
I tend to need rib cage support for sitting up side sleeping...some may not need that so much.

I wish I could be like the german gentlemen flying next to me out of Vienna who read his newspaper most the time and slept so quiet no pillow, head forward a bit. It felt like he was at his kitchen table near a window in the morning relaxing.

I personally do not carry a pillow with me anymore when I backpack, because after a long day of hiking, I find that I tend to not really care that much. I just stuff a jacket into the hood of my sleeping bag and it becomes the most comfortable pillow ever.

However, if you do want to carry a pillow, I highly reccomend one either that is inflatable (a bit less comfortable but lighter weight and more packable), or a duck down one that is light and comfortable, but a bit less packable. It really depends on your preferences when camping or backpacking (here are some reviews

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I take my pillows and pack them in a compression bag and put them in my suitcase

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I tried the Turtl on my last two flights and was very happy with it. I slept leaning slightly forward or slightly to the side and found both positions very comfortable. I’m a stomach or side sleeper, so having a pillow where my head is leaning back doesn’t feel like natural sleep to me.