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Travel Pillow

Can anyone recommend a good memory foam travel pillow? I'd like to get one that is lightweight. Thanks!

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Having just went through this myself, testing many foam and otherwise pillows, I would recommend this pillow, Therm-a-Rest Compressible Pillow. It has received many positive reviews and comes in four different sizes.

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I carried a couple of the Therm-a-Rests through Europe last year. The small size is small enough for the plane and still big enough to use in a hotel if you don't like the provided pillow. And they do compress quite nicely as advertised when you're packing them between spaces. (And you can hook them around the handle of a wheelie suitcase if you're packing light without the airlines seeming to care about that 'attachment' to the bag.)

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I prefer a twist pillow from

I purchased it in 1997 & use it for long flights. Since I prefer to sleep on trans-Atlantic flights, I am able to twist one end up & rest my head against it.

In 14 yrs of travel only one screener (Charles DeGaulle Airport, France) has questioned the spine of this pillow.

I carry it on my neck rather than pack it.

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Thanks everyone! The therm-a-rest sounds like a good possibility. I had read that the pillows in the hotels were pretty bad, so I like the option of having a something to use on the plane, bus and hotel.