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Travel Pants for Men

I'm looking for casual travel pants for men. Lots of pockets for phone, wallet, tissues, etc., and some with zippers (to slow down the pickpockets), and maybe even a hidden pocket. Other priorities are belt loops, light-weight, breathable, comfortable, easy to wash and dry. REI used to have pants like this, but when I went there last week, I didn't find anything in the store that matched what I am looking for.

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You should be able to find such pants anywhere they sell camping supplies. Bass Pro Shop or Cabelas should have them.

We have a Duluth Trading Company retail store that carries such pants too. Everything they sell is of incredible quality.

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It’s too bad that REI discontinued those great travel pants.

Check out the “Denali” line of pants at Sam’s Club.
Sometimes they are in our stores but they also were available at SamsClub online.

The fabric works well for traveling. They stretch a bit. They dry fast. They are inexpensive.

The only problem is that they don’t have hidden pockets so I have sewn in my own “secret” compartments made from old, discarded money belts.

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I love Columbia’s Silver Ridge cargo pants. Great fit, easy to wash and fast to dry. Plenty of pockets. Durable and long lasting. Not only do I love them, but I live in them. Several different colors. Great for travel. Easily packed.

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Have you tried Costco?

I was in Costco today. These - BC Clothing Men's Convertible Pant - are back.

Some fashionistas will absolutely cringe (zip-off shorts? Mon Dieu!), but if you want pockets, zippers, versatility, all the other bells and whistles, and you care about function over style, you would be hard-pressed to find anything like this for 24 bucks. Definitely "dad pants" and not a fashion statement, but...based on the OP's list, I think these check all the boxes. They will not do much to enhance your romantic opportunities.

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Try Eddie Bauer, men’s horizon or Guide Pro pants.

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Duluth Trading Company has a wide variety of good travel pants. I like those with the ‘dry on the fly’ material. In fact I’m wearing a pair now ! They have frequent sales.

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I'd avoid Clothing Arts. Thier stuff is way too bulky and heavy and the numerous pockets encourage you to put more stuff in your pants than you probably should. (And I had a difficult time dealing with their customer service so I wrote them off my list of travel suppliers. But some folks like their designs.)

If conventional cargo pants don't do it for you, jave a look at the Active Traveler series from Royal Robbins: one zipper thigh pocket and a hidden zipper pocket in the rear, under the belt. Don't confuse these with RR's other "traveler" series; they do not include the rear pocket. I have the zipoffs (great for Spain where a cathedral suddenly requires pants), shorts, and pants. Light, breathable, stretchy, and easy to wash/dry on the road. With the pockets in the same place, I don't have to rethink my inventory.

(I use the rear zipper pocket for the highest level of security for ID and cash/card reserves. The three slash pockets are sufficient for my unsecured items such as lip balm, handkerchief, pocket cash. I happen to use a neck wallet for EDC and phone.)

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Try the Craghopper brand of clothes. I believe Amazon has them, but also available through Travelsmith.

Yes, Scottevest might be of interest to you. The newer Clothing Arts pants are much lighter than the original.

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travel undergarments, shoes, and hats

That’s seems like three different threads. And shoes have their own forum category.

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I only travel overseas in Clothing pants and shorts, they are the best security against being pickpocketed that I have found, the clothes sink wash well and dry quickly and last a long time.

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LL Bean has a nice travel pants with multi pockets. Just looked at it two days ago in our local store.

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I have long and short pants from Eddie Bauer that I wear every day and also when traveling, multiple zipper pockets, deep enough for iPhone...the style is "First Ascent" - love these.

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I have a pair of those BC clothing convertible pants from Costco. Safari outdoorsy look, lots of storage pockets, convenient to wear on rally hot days as shorts and zip on legs to go into a church.

Costco also sells various versions of "tech", "commuter" or "travel" pants. They have a sleeker urban look, are lightweight, fast drying and have a hidden zip pocket on the side of one pant leg where you can put a smartphone or wallet. I bought a pair of the Sierra Design brand, currently not in stock. However, there are currently other brands available with similar features:

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Be sure to look for a fabric that advertises “breathable” or “moisture wicking” if you are needing these for summer travel. I have had some cheaper pants that were like wearing a hefty bag. Not fun.

I bought the Orvis Tech pants with a DWR finish at Costco ($20) for what I thought would be a rainy trip to Germany last year. Did not need the water repellant finish but they were very functional and comfortable.

My favorites for daily wear, even here at home, are the Lululemon ABC pants in the Classic fit. They feel and look great. This price is obscene, but dang, they sure feel great especially on a long flight.

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My husband loves his Orvis Tech pants so much he bought one pair in each color, three to choose from. He wears them year round and not just for travel. When they didn’t have all colors available in our store he ordered the other two colors from Costco online. They are still $19.95. He says he has a similar featured pair of Eddie Bauer pants and likes them too.

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I bought previous versions of REI's Adventure pants and they are excellent. Try to find them in ebay or other re-sell marketplace. I suggest you buy ones that are brand new with tags.

Also, I like Outdoor Research's Ferrosi pants, especially the 2021 version. Light, breathable, comfortable, and quick-drying material. Versatile look--works well for both outdoor activities and smart evening outings.

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My husband bought the following pants from ClothingArts.
As someone mentioned above, some of their pants can be bulky, like the adventure pants with lots of pockets with 2-button flaps.

However their Explorer Chinos are not bulky.
My husband only has his phone, and very small “wallet” with one credit card in the front pockets. He keeps a packet of Kleenex in his back pocket.
Since we use our Apple Watch to charge items, he usually does not need to take out his wallet. We have “sink-washed” the pants. They dry quickly.

I guess dealing with a company’s customer service can vary, because our interaction with their customer service was very positive. When we first ordered several colors of the same size pants, it was obvious one was incorrectly sized. We sent back the incorrectly sized pants (free shipping).

It took awhile, but eventually we received a pair correctly sized.

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Thanks for all of the suggestions. I bought two pairs of the Clothing Arts adventure travel pants

I sometimes wear a 34” waist and sometimes 36” (or 35” if it’s available). I ordered size 34 and found that they were larger in the waist than I expected, so if you are not sure what size to get, you might want to try the smaller size. The fit is medium – not tight leg and not sloppy relaxed.

The fabric is soft and comfortable. The zippers seem well-made and the buttons fit very tightly in the button holes. I was delighted to see that the pants have 7 belt loops (so many companies have tried to save 10 cents by only having 5).

So far my only disappointment is that the cargo pockets are a bit smaller than I would have liked. I have an iPhone 14 Pro with a protective case and I can’t button the cargo pockets with the phone in the pocket. The phone will fit in the regular side pockets, but it is less comfortable there and not as easy to access if I am sitting down. If I could change one thing on the pants, it would be to have longer cargo pockets and to include a zipper under the button flaps. For my upcoming trip, I am thinking about trying to sew an extension to the flap so I can button it with my phone in the pocket.

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David, Thanks for the link to the Costco BC clothing convertible pants. I’m past the age of being worried about looking cool. I want the function of having shorts with having to pack an extra pair!