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Travel pants are back at Costco

UB tech travel pants are back in stock online at Costco for about $18! Three colors. Fast drying and decent looking. They are super comfy to sit in for long flights.

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Unfortunately we do not have a Costco, much to my chagrin. We do, however, have a Sam's club. I have been looking for a nice comfortable pair of black pants and yesterday I found a pair of Nine West "Heidi pull on skinny crop" jeans. They have some stretch to them, writing is too small for me to read the material haha) so I am hoping they hold their shape after several wears. Never owned a pair of pull on pants (elastic waist) but since most tops i plan to take on our trip in Sept don't tuck in i thought "why not"! At $14 I couldn't go wrong.

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I bought 2 pairs of these last year for my husband. They look very nice on him and were a screaming deal. He took them on a 4 week trip last year and loved them.

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I own several pairs of the Nine West pull on jeans, blue and black. They do hold up to extra wear. I wear these on the plane, they are comfortable the entire flight. I have taken them on two, two week plus trips and plan to take them to Ireland in April.

I also have a pair of the Costco pants. They are a perfect length for me, and I was pleased I did not have to hem them. (I am just over 5'. ) They are comfy and held up well during my travels.

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I can't believe you posted this topic! I was literally JUST thinking about whether those pants would be back this year or not. I was in FL last week on a birding trip and they were great for wearing out to dinner. I am a plus size and ordered them online so I'm headed over to check them out. They were so inexpensive and held up really well for travel last year.

Thank you so much Steph!

--->off to look at Costco online.

OK, looked at the website and don't see them yet. I'll keep an eye out as I would like to get another pair.

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Will check out our Costco this week. Hope they are back in Brooklyn. Got 2 pairs for my sister (olive green and grey) and 2 for me (grey and black). My sister wants black and navy while I want a navy pair. She wore them to Paris last October and loved them. Thanks for the heads up.

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My husband bought 2 pair this week. Only saw the men’s online (and in the store). So they have previously had women’s too?

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Looking over customer reviews on, I see multiple complaints to varying degrees (from reasonable-sounding people) about the pockets being inadequate: front pockets very shallow, and back/side pockets also a bit too small (not big enough, for example, to fit current/recent generation smartphones).

Any input on that from those here who have them?

I'll check out those details next time at my local Costco, but would welcome input here too.

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I purchased a pair last year but then took them back. On one hand they were comfortable but then there was something not quite right about the fit. I really wanted them to work out because I got them on sale at Costco. I am going to give them another try.

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Picked up a couple pairs of these pants at Costco yesterday.

The concerns about the pockets being too shallow that were expressed by some reviewers on the site seem unfounded: The front pockets are plenty deep (I use a "hidden pouch" secured to my belt but hanging in my front pocket - it's my version of a money belt and it fit perfectly). When I put my hands all the way in the front pockets (with fingers extended), the edge of the pockets fall about 2" up from my wrists - I'd say the pockets are actually deeper than average. Not a concern.

The zipped rear pockets seem standard size to me. My iPhone X fits in either front or rear pockets, without sticking out. The zipped side pocket on the right side is slightly larger than passport size - it's not huge, but I can get my iPhone in it with the zipper closed without struggling (though not with a ton of extra room - the biggest "phablets" might be a squeeze).

The stretchy waistband does add a little bulk there but seems like a reasonable trade-off.

Overall fit seems fairly good. They're comfortable (I'm wearing them now). The fabric actually isn't quite as thin as I was expecting, but certainly isn't thick like bluejeans. Not ideal for Rangoon, but fine for most climates, even warm ones

My only gripe is: all the zippers on the pockets (both back pockets and the leg side pocket) don't glide very smoothly, and require a little bit of effort to carefully open/close. Don't know if this will get better (or worse) with use but is a pretty minor issue as long as they don't break. Zipper lube? Hmmm...

For $17.99, I can't complain. Thumbs up.

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My local costco has Ex Officio men’s boxer briefs. 3 pack for $25.

That's extraordinarily low price for those. Just one is usually $25 but a 3-pack!

Is the material the same? Which location did you see these?

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It was at the Mountain View store. Just off of 101 and Rengstorf. As far as I could tell the fabric might be a little thinner but the pair I have is 4 or more years old. Three packs. All grey or black.

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My wife and I just returned from a 2 week trip from Rome to London with tour group. Lots of bus travel and touring. I bought 4 pairs of UB travel pants from Costco, black, navy, olive and tan. They are comfortable, pack easy (roll them up), resist wrinkling. They look neat and wore them with tee shirt and with sports coat. Recommend them highly. Oh and price was right, around $19,

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I love the women's Kirkland brand travel pants. However, on my 5' 11'' frame, they are capris. Very comfortable and perfect for warmer weather.

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I bought three pairs of the UB travel pants at Costco and like them very much. Be aware that they will shrink a bit in the dryer, even though they’re not cotton. Sadly, I left the dark gray ones I liked best in the dryer a bit too long. The length went from “perfect” to just short enough to make me self-conscious about it. Naturally, Costco being Costco, when I went back hoping to find a replacement, they were gone.

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Thanks to this topic, I went online and found women's travel pants at Ordered a few pair. We'll see. I think they may be a little short on me but I never know till I try 'em on.

I'm one of those who (gasp! horrors!) wears jeans a lot when traveling. Black ones, usually. I've found a style that fits my shape quite comfortably, and usually people don't even realize the black ones are jeans and not black trousers. But, I keep reading that I've been Doing It All Wrong all these years, despite finding my jeans to be comfortable and durable. So, not wanting to keep Doing It All Wrong, now and then I try some travel pants. A few times I've landed on something I like, but mostly they are costly, ill-fitting, and made of synthetics with all the comfort of a plastic trash bag. I'll see if these Costco trousers are a hit, or a miss. At least returns are painless, just drop 'em off at the store. :-)

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On the Costco website, the women's Kirkland travel pants come in two lengths. I purchased a pair in the store that I had to return because with the elastic waist, they were a bit too big, and I decided to reorder from the website and found the 29" length. The 29" length makes these normal pants for me, not ankle or capri. Hopefully they will not shrink.

I purchased the ExOfficio underpants for my husband and they're every bit as good as the ones that are 3x more expensive. They may not be exactly the same, but the price can't be beat.

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Suz, it is not doing it "all wrong" to wear jeans in Europe. I always take a pair. Many Europeans wear jeans. Are they doing it wrong? I don't think so.

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Andrea, it's nice of you to be supportive. I was - mostly - joking about "doing it wrong" by wearing jeans.

I do have other kinds of trousers, and even travel with them too.

But I have encountered, in person and online, people who proclaim that nobody should wear jeans on their travels. Which alternately, depending on my mood, amuses or irritates me. Like, seriously, people, if it makes you happy to fly in your yoga pants or nylon hiking trousers or purple leggings - knock yourself out. Do it! I'm all for it. Just don't start telling ME what to wear (if I want your opinion, I'll ask for it).