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Travel pant option (cheap version of Athleta)

I was out looking for inexpensive travel clothing, as one does...and discovered Old Navy PowerSoft Joggers, on sale at the local outlet (but also online). The fabric is a thinner version of the soft Athleta pant lines (I have Elation pants that I absolutely love), but significantly less expensive. They seem to run small, so I sized up to the large and really like them. High-waisted, soft, comfy, lightweight, should wash and wear well. I have a safari tour coming up in the fall, and own nothing in the strongly-recommended neutral colors (apparently insects are attracted to blacks, blues, etc). The sale price I got was about $23, which is OK for pants in colors I may never wear again (they were on sale yesterday, online, for $18, but didn't have the size/colors I wanted). I'll be keeping an eye out for additional pairs in the colors I need.

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Thanks Rebecca! They look great and at a good price too. My issue is the length, being 5’9 1/2”+ regular would look pretty much like capris but they have some tall sizes left, yay!

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Hi Rebecca,
I’ve run into the same issue with safari colors. I’m a blue and black clothes person in my everyday life. I found that I could buy and subsequently use some clothes in an olive color that I could wear with my current wardrobe. The safari camps usually do a same day laundry turnaround so I have found I really don’t need too many clothes. I’ve been to Northern Tanzania/Zanzibar in February and it was incredibly hot. Absolutely needed to cover all exposed skin with very light weight clothes. I’ve been to Southern Tanzania in October when it was slightly less hot and wore the same clothes. Heading back this October with same clothes. A couple of light weight long sleeve button shirts were my most used items. Be careful, going on safari can be an addiction! I know, haha!

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@CindyP, thanks for the insights! Yeah my first reaction looking at my closet was "well, s**t!" We are going to Zambia, Zimbabwe and Botswana with OAT. And olive is exactly the color direction I am headed, lol, with some light linen long-sleeved shirts. Good to know I am on the right track.

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We have done multiple safaris in several African countries and agree that it can be addictive! You should also consider gray along with olive. Really any light neutral will be acceptable. You want to blend in not shock the animals,als with bright colors! nHave a wonderful time!

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Rebecca, I'm just now seeing this post. I bought a pair of those same pants back in early March, and took them to England with me. I LOVED them! They are wonderful traveling pants. They're comfy, looked good on me, were lightweight and they wash well and dry very quickly. I am thinking about getting a couple more pairs.

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Wow - those Old Navy joggers look exactly like the Athleta Salutation joggers that I absolutely love!

I had never heard that insects are attracted to certain colors - makes sense though.

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Thanks so much for this suggestion! Was in Old Navy today and bought three pair, two for myself, one in navy and one in black and another black pair for my daughter. They are so soft and comfortable! I haven’t worn this style pants before, I am a frequent Lands End Starfish and Bean Perfect Pants wearer, but after wearing these this afternoon I can see why so many people do! They’re going to London in October for sure!

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These are great! I have a hard time finding good travel pants. I don't like to wear leggings. Usually I wear jeans but these fit perfectly even the length was right and not too baggy.