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Travel MVPs

To continue on my long-winded travel rant, I wanted to share my travel MVPs:

Travel Team MVPs:

- I ordered very cheap packing cubes from Amazon and these were rock stars. I got a pack of 5 and used the large one, medium one, and one of the pouches for toiletries. They made packing a snap.
- Under Armour performance underwear. Yes, it’s expensive but so lightweight and odor-resistant. It washes up in a snap and packs down to nothing.
- Under Armour rain jacket. This was super light, so that when I wasn’t wearing it I could tie it around the strap on my purse for no added weight, yet it was wind resistant and kept out the rain.
- Vera Bradley little hipster. Light weight and the perfect size for a small wallet, sunglasses, keys, tissues, chapstick, comb, and compact.
- Under Armour Gemini 2 running shoes. These are my every day running shoes in black, so slightly more low-profile. Wore them every day.
- Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizer. Found a tiny, .05 ounce tube at Sephora that was perfect for travel.


- I read a lot of discussions about leggings (from ‘be comfortable’ to near hysterical rants). I wore them. I saw plenty more out and about in London and in smaller towns. But in larger cities, you will literally see everything. Will you be marked out as a tourist? Of course! You’re queuing up to go into the British Museum at 11AM on a Thursday, or taking a long time to count out change, or talking to your travel partner in an accent. But that will happen regardless of what you wear. Over 14 days I was called out at 100 paces for “a yank” and, alternately, asked for directions in a small town. For what it’s worth, I’d say wear what you are comfortable in and what is weather appropriate.

- I did not need the ballet flats. We did one theater experience, for which running shoes were fine. Next time I’ll take two pairs of walking shoes in black or with a low profile.
- Layer. We were there May 7-21. I fretted about not having AC in our rented flat, then shivered through a week in London and nearly froze to death in the Cotswolds. Especially in London, it could be very cool in the mornings, then heat up mid-day, then cool again in the afternoon.

- I tore up several guidebooks before I left and secured them with binder clips. Then as we visited those sites, I tossed the sections. I also brought books I planned to read and then leave. In an excess of caution, I brought maps from the US which I didn’t need to do, they were widely available at service stations. I had hard copies of all of our reservations. Since I knew I had soft copies, I also tossed those as we successfully checked in. This meant room for my minimal souvenirs!
- I brought two travel adapters, which was very handy as we each had devices. We picked up a cheap smart phone at Carphone Warehouse. It might have been handy to pick up a smartphone and a cheap flip phone, as we separated fairly frequently. This probably isn’t an issue for other people.
- I did not pack toiletries. Instead, on Day 1 we hit up a Boots and bought everything from shampoo and body wash to razors and deodorant for about 20 GBP. It would have been less, but when I told husband we weren’t packing toiletries, he thought I meant anything when I just meant liquids!
- Usually I am all about the performance socks. Well, not this time. I found my UA performance socks were too thin and were beginning to give me a hot spot on my foot. Switched to my Hanes plush socks and problem solved.

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Thank you for sharing you experience. I'm taking only the much maligned leggings so I'm happy to hear they worked out. They're lightweight, pack small and wash and dry easily.

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"when I told husband we weren’t packing toiletries, he thought I meant anything when I just meant liquids!"

Great story!

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I'm in the apparel industry, so I pay a lot of attention to what people are wearing. I can tell you the athleisure trend is strong in the UK. If you have an Adidas track suit, you'll fit in like a local!

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I love your post. I use my Vera Bradley little hipster a lot at home. I'll have to remember to take it the next time we travel (Hawaii in July).

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The little hipster would be ideal for Hawaii! The lightweight fabric will be perfect. Enjoy!! I just used it on a business trip to Boston and it was a great size and added no weight.