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Shouldn't that be "carry on" luggage not check in luggage?

And Scottevest had a no luggage challenge a few years ago.

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Yeah I saw this recently and thought "no" as well. The first thing that came to my mind was the episode of Friends where Joey was wearing all of Chandler's clothes. That's when I first heard "going commando in another man's fatigues." Lol

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nelson is spot on.

Traveling light is environmentally friendly because less weight in the aircraft results in less fuel and CO2 emissions. Every little bit helps to stop global warming. If everyone did their bit we would make progress. It is not necessary to imitate the Kardashians with massive luggage.

Carroll, renting clothes is not bad. Sometimes there is an odor or stains in the armpits and other warm regions, but other than that it's fine.

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The one thing I start to do this year is to take two RS tours back to back; and then skip my annual tour next year. The carbon footprint for the flight across the pond effectively is cut in half. I also donate to environmental organizations (Sierra Club Foundation) as a way to offset it further. And yes carry-on only.

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I can't justify traveling from a climate change perspective. (I do have other ways of justifying it.)

I do pack light (16 pounds). I do it for selfish reasons.

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"That's when I first heard "going commando in another man's fatigues." Lol"

@Jill!! Oh my word...I'd forgotten that episode! --shiver--

Uh no, not going to rent clothing. I'll go with what I've got and pack light!

Although thinking about this...I have rented clothing and boots on long ago snowmobile trips to Yellowstone. The first time we also rented balaclavas which lasted about one day and then we went out and bought them. They did wash them in between people but I'm not sure they washed the snowmobile suits and you were always dragging the collar of the one piece outfits on the floor of the vault toilets if you weren't really careful. Fortunately most of the stuff on the floors was frozen...

Interesting article, though!

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"nelson... is spot on."

I'm 95% certain the post by "nelson" was written by AI that literally took OP's title, added "what is" to the beginning, and used that as the input to produce the response. And it succeeded in directing the discussion in another direction.

Seemingly on-topic spam may be more of a thing moving forward. Thanks to everyone for using a critical eye, and for passing by (or reporting) anything that may be unusual. Thanks, everyone!

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There are plenty of clothing rental businesses. Think tuxes for weddings, prom, etc.

Used clothing shops. Think Goodwill/Thrift stores. Again for things like prom dresses.

One that hasn't really caught on is bride and bridesmaid dress and shoe rentals. How many former bridesmaids out there who were told by the bride, "This doesn't really look like a bridesmaid dress. You could wear it again." Um. No. It looks like a bridesmaid dress. The dyed to match shoes do too.

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Instead of renting buy used clothing and donate them again when finished with the trip. Great deals are available for name brands such Patagonia, Columbia, and Athleta from ThredUp.

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I practice lots of "take n toss" packing. I bring t shirts, undies, socks, that are still wearable but about to be replaced. At the end of the trip, I discretely dispose of them and don't bring back across Atlantic.