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Travel electric shaver

Hello everyone!
I've read this topic but due to the fact that it is quite old, I decided to start a new one.
My old Braun electric shaver decisively broke and I'm now thinking about buying a new one because I need to shave almost everyday while on a trip. I have not been checked the electric shavers market for 4 years and now I'm a bit confused. I really don't know which one to choose because most of them have a lot of features. Which one do you take with you when you travel?
I've read and (because I need to shave all my head), and they say Phillips Norelco models are quite good. Does somebody use it? Are they really good? Or could you recommend another brand/model?
Any thoughts and opinions are appreciated!
Thanks in advance!

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I have used Norelco for a LONG time. After getting the 1st ( maybe 30 yrs ago) when the one I had died, at age 10 or more, I went to Costco at sale time and got another. Imminent 'Death' was preceded by a few months of declining battery charge performance. When a charge did only 3 shaves it was time to shop.

Not done my head, so cannot speak to that. Very happy with facial performance

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I use a Remington copy of a Norelco, and am quite satisfied. It's substantially less expensive, and available at Walmart. Both cut equally close. Just get one with the long life lithium battery and it doesn't require charging very often.

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What type of shaver are you looking for--foil or rotary?

Do you want a small travel size shaver or a regular full size, plug in the wall type?

What model Braun did you have?

Do you want a wet shave or dry shave shaver?

When I traveled, I used to use the small, battery powered Panasonic 3831 because it gave me the closest shave of all the other travel sized, battery operated shavers. But i never had to shave my head. I tried a rotary (Norelco type) but found, for me, the foil gave me a better shave.

I switched back to blades awhile back. I preferred the shave.

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I have Norelco and Philips rotary units and I'd buy another product from either maker. Costco probably has the better pricing in the States. My brand experience is not relevant, though, any razor will do the chore.

Read the reviews. Get the smallest and lightest shaver you want to spend your money on and that you think will perform the grooming work you need. You don't need batteries; a dual-voltage shaver will work fine everywhere, you just need the correct plug adapters. Most are waterproof these days so you can just rinse and go. (I wish good shavers came in neon colors. Black, eh.)

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I use & take a Braun Series 7 rechargeable for home and trips. I have used electric razors for 60+ years, preferring the foil style. Lately, the shaver is also used for the "unforested" part of my head. For short trips, camping & as a backup, I take a battery powered shaver. Presently, that is a Braun MobileShaver M-90. Have used Panasonic and Remington in the past - they worked well. Do not put or leave batteries in the shaver until needed - the terminals are difficult to clean if a battery leaks.

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How would you feel if you didn’t shave while traveling? In theory, could you feel normal and/or enjoy your next trip if you didn’t pack any shaver or shaving supplies? Everybody knows that all men grow beards. Would you be mortified if people saw your hairs? ...

My mom bought me an electric shaver for my 16th birthday. I shaved my whole face approximately every day until after I turned 28, when I began experimenting with sometimes skipping a day on shaving, then two days, then once I got bold and went two weeks without shaving, then I shaved it off, then I went two weeks without shaving again, then I bought an electric beard trimmer/ hair cutter and quit shaving myself down to the skin. I have owned 3 - my first model had one adjustable guard, the second was a Whal brand hair cutter with different length guards that you snap onto the blade - definitely an improvement over having just the one adjustable guard, which doesn’t stay in place good. My third one is a Remington hair cutter, similar to the Whal but quieter and has wider guards. I cut my hairs just before I travel. I don’t pack shaving or beard trimming equipment. Whether my 1/4 to 3/4 inch beard has anything to do with my getting pulled aside for additional special pat downs, questioning, and inspections of my luggage, is unknowable. My belt sets off the metal detectors...

I think since even the time my grandparent were kids or earlier, polite company in the USA and maybe other countries expected all men to be clean shaven but that expectation is slowly going away. I may have been subconsciously influenced by seeing other bearded or partially bearded men co-workers at the former job I had when I was 28....

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I shave while traveling so as to look like my passport photo - dont want any problems. I can get by with a couple of plastic disposable razors for a two-week trip, so avoid any electric. Facial hair, absence or presence is always just a temporary fashion trend. Sooner or later fashion changes. I am hoping that we are past the Amish-farmer scraggly beard trend, and that the three days stubble thing goes away soon.

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I always just pack along my usual Panasonic electric razor, as it has always worked well. It only needs to be recharged every couple of days, although the batteries are starting to get a bit weak so would probably have to be charged daily now. The charger is designed for multi-voltage operation so it works fine in Europe.

I've never tried it on my head so not sure how well it would perform in that application. I suspect the rotary models like the Norelco might work better for that. If you're using an inline model now and it's working well, why not continue with that.

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“Facial hair, absence or presence is always just a temporary fashion trend.”

In my case the trend has been going on for about 35 years. 🧔🏻