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Travel backpacks suggestions for family of 4!

Hello, we are traveling for 2 weeks between London and Ireland - family of four (9 and 7 year olds) - I am looking for suggestions on two travel backpacks that will accommodate the four of us that the two adults can carry. Thank you!!

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I know you didn't ask for this, but have you thought about the kids carrying their own backpacks? They are old enough to easily do this, and it would save you and your companion quite a bit of room.

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If you're packing everything for four people into two backpacks, you'll like have to buy larger packs. Some of the criteria that I'd suggest are.....

  • panel load (zippers) rather than top load
  • hip belt properly fitted for the torso length of the user (ie: much of the weight will be on your hips, and not your shoulders). I've travelled with backpacks for many years and the hip belt is important, especially for heavier loads!
  • detachable day pack (larger packs will have to be checked so that provides a nice carry on option)
  • stowable harness system (straps fit behind a zippered panel for air travel)

Are you getting smaller packs for the kids?

You could start with packs from....

As you'll be travelling from London to Ireland, you'll likely be using a budget flight, so be sure to have a look at the airline luggage costs for the size and weight of the packs you'll be taking. You'll also need to be careful in crowded conditions as if you turn suddenly you could "bump" people in your vicinity. If you'd also like to consider wheeled luggage (ie: spinners), post another note as there are lots of choices there.

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The kids should carry a backpack each. Make these smaller ones and then you can use them as your daypacks while on your holiday and leave the bigger "adult" packs at the hotel. I have seen lots of kids the age of yours in airports doing this.