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Tote for the RCO

My husband and I have used the convertible carry on for our previous trips. The Civita day pack has always been shared between us as a personal item. I will be using Rick's RCO for the first time this June and my husband will still be using his convertible carry on. I'm thinking of exploring options for a lightweight tote to sit upon the RCO without slipping around. Still trying to decide if it is really needed. It would be nice to store the Civita in the luggage during the flight and just have a tote. Or is it just extra stuff? If you use the RCO, which totes have you had success with?

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I'm not sure what RCO is. Is that Rolling Carry-On?

If that is the bag you mean, I've taken it on my last 2 European trips. The first trip I slipped my fairly well-packed Veloce backpack over the extended handle of the Roller bag to pull it thru Heathrow, onto the Tube and then thru Victoria Station. It was a PIA. I finally worked to the side of the station out of traffic and put the Veloce on. The extended handle on the roller didn't seem sturdy enough to manage the weight resting directly on it. Standing upright it was also very top heavy and kept tipping over. Now I just plan either to wear the Veloce or if I am using another tote, carry it. The Civita is lighter and smaller than the Veloce but you might not have any better luck.

There are lots of totes that have the sleeve on the back for slipping over a carry on handle.

What would you use the tote for that you wouldn't use the Civita for?

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Well, until Pam "made" me buy a new tote bag (only kidding, Pam...), I used the RS Euro Flight bag together with the rolling carry on. The Euro bag has a snap in the middle of that strap on the back that slips over the handle and when I remember to snap it, keeps the Euro bag fairly secure on top of the rolling carry on. I don't recall it ever falling over due to being top heavy but then I doubt I took my hand off the pulling handle even when just standing around.

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Hahaha Andi! AND I believe I swore to you I was NOT going to open another darn thread about totes before vacation. Yes, I'm back to the LeSportSac - which does not have a slide over sleeve.

I would say the tote falls into the "extra stuff" category since you already have a Civita pack. I have a RS euroflight bag. I prefer to use it for car travel for a short trip. I have used it in airports and at a convention. It can get rather bulky. If you use the shoulder strap - it's hard on the neck and shoulder and can be awkward to carry on one side. I don't fly with it anymore for these reasons. I like a small backpack for a flight bag. The Merrill rouge is a good choice - though not perfect. Think "15 L - 20L" size. Eagle creek and RS both have packable totes - but neither have trolley straps to secure to your luggage. You can attach them with an add a bag strap. I have not done well with "add a bag" straps as stuff can slide off to the side. Maybe I just need more practice with the straps. I have little patience for that sort of thing.

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The reason for thinking about a tote is to save my husband (or me) from carrying the Civita through the airports, walking to apartments etc. When you are wearing the convertible carry on, you end up carrying the Civita by the loop at the top or by holding one of the straps. I thought that if I had a tote that would stay put on top of the "rolling carry on", it could free us up a bit on our traveling days. But then again it is just one extra item we're bringing. I wish there was a good way to just secure the Civita to the top of the rolling carry on.

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I'm traveling now and using the Eagle Creek No Matter What Gear Tote-Small. It has a passthru to attach to the telescoping handles of your rolling bag. It comes in other colors besides black.

It has two small padded grab handles on each side of the zipper. What I did was put a small cable key ring on each handle and that allowed me to attach a shoulder strap. My tote bag has now become a shoulder/messenger bag.

I don't use it as a day bag but keep a packable messenger inside when moving locations.

Perhaps you can do a test run of the following and inform us of the results. Use an "add a bag" strap to the Civita loop and secure it to the top handle. Then, put your convertible case on your back and walk down the street with it and see how it goes. Or, bungee cord or other cord and tie your civita to your convertible case. Maybe a wide suitcase compression strap could wrap around easy and secure your civita. I wish I could mail you mine to try. Good luck! Hint to RS - add some outside ring clips to your convertible so folks can strap/clip on a civita.
Frank II - thanks for the info. on the eagle creek bag. I didn't know it had a trolley "strap" on it. Now, if EC would just add removable backpack straps - it would be a slam dunk. I realize that would make it less packable, etc..

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The Kipling brand has some totes and small backpacks with a "trolley sleeve" that keeps the bag in place on top of a rolling carry on. The one I bought a few months ago is now my favourite travel bag... although I still love my ten-year old reversible LeSportsac tote bag for an extra light fold and pack bag - it never shows wear and always seems to come in handy!