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Tom Bihn

Do Tom Bihn products ever go on sale?

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No. They only make small batches of each item do they tend to sell out.

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I've never seen Tom Bihn products go on sale. They're exceptionally well designed and well made, and like any product of that type, the cost is higher than similar products. TB has somewhat of a "cult following" (somewhat like Apple) and people seem to be happy to pay whatever prices they charge. Reading the TB forum will provide some idea of the enthusiasm for TB products. If you're ever in the Seattle area, stop by their factory showroom and have a chat with them.

If you're looking for well made, American-made luggage products, you could also have a look at Red Oxx, but I don't think those every go on sale either.

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Hey Val, I would second Cindy H's recommendation to look on eBay for used bags if you really want Tom Bihn at a discount. The bags are very well made and durable, so even a used item is going to look good and last for a long time. I think most people come to Tom Bihn bags with the BIFL mindset, and are mentally prepared for the price, but I admit to some sticker shock, even as a long-term owner.