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To what extent does Ryan Air question a jacket you're wearing that has many pockets?

I know they can't be noticeably bulging, but have people found these jackets useful for carrying additional items? Thanks

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I've done cargo pants with full pockets and gotten away with it. My experience with Ryan and his brother Wizz, is that they are no worse than the big guys on the block.

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Who says they question pockets? Is this an old Seinfeld episode?

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I’ve never had any airline employee ever challenge the volume of the contents in my flak jacket pockets, my cargo pants pockets or my boots. I think it’s just not legal for them to do so. That’s what TSA and Security is for.

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The only time you must worry about stuff in your pockets is before going through the passenger scanner at the airport.

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Thanks everyone. This will be reassuring to a friend flying Ryan Air with only a small backpack.

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Once on Ryanair my suitcase wouldn’t fit into their sizer. I took out a hat and a jacket. I put on the hat and jacket and the suitcase fit in the sizer. Walked on the plane with no issues despite having the exact same amount of stuff. I put the hat and jacket back in my suitcase when I got on the plane. Ryanair doesn’t care what you are wearing.