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Timbuk2 Copilot Rolling Luggage--What Size??


I will be traveling to Italy next spring and am interested in purchasing the Timbuk2 Rolling suitcase. However, I am trying to decide between the small and medium sized bags. I will most likely be traveling on AIT or Air France and the medium bag is only about an inch out of spec (tall & width). I would rather purchase the medium-sized bag to have more room.

I was wondering if any of you have the medium sized bag and whether any airline has made you check the bag.

Thank you in advance!

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your call, but if you are asked to put it into the sizer and it doesn't fit, then you pay for checked baggage. At over 7 pounds, you also need to be aware of any weight limitations an airline will have. Many European airlines have them. I would get the small, and any possible extra necessities can go in a lightweight tote or backpack I may use as a personal item. Given the way airlines are reducing size and weight of carry on, for those prices, I would start adjusting to smaller luggage now.

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I have the medium. I've not been checked. I did notice it's "slightly" over size when I bought it. and it's a little heavy by itself. I really like the clam shell design, the roller skate wheels & the mesh dividers.The handle is nice too & lots of exterior handles. I have not traveled the discount airlines. On the long legs we try to fly Business. Our last trip was Premium Economy and no issues Lufthansa-Alaska-United. Our next trip will have a London-Dublin hop & I'm sort of expecting to pay for that one

The medium was a step down from the L or XL for me. I liked our big bags so much I "downsized" to the Medium

Happy Travels

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For the clam shell design alone, I love it; but I'm a spinner guy and a weight guy and a comply with the rules guy.

I know the medium is only a quarter inch over, but the sizers are tight and bags do get checked. I watched KLM do it on my trip a month ago. And its a soft bag, so when you pack it, it will get larger.

I know this trip you are going Air France and they give you 12kg (combined carry on and personal item) but if you fly most of the other carriers 7.7 pounds for the medium is almost half the allowable weight.

With the small you are legal in size and it's 0.7 pounds lighter and you will be able to pack more and stay under 8kg.

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Size matters. Get the the small so that you can use the carry-on on all international carriers. The difference between the small and medium is 1000cc. That is a quart. Not worth the extra bag fee to check in. In situations where you really need to pack a lot (winter, skiing, summer, wetsuit, snorklimg equipment, etc), dust off the 25" or 29" bag and check it in.

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Thank you for all the replies! I have decided to order the small suitcase. :)

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The difference between the small and medium is 1000cc

Missing a "0"

The difference is 10,000 cc ( 10 liters) (42 liter vs 52 liter.), a bit over 600 cubic inches

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I just went through this exact same conundrum. I bought the medium Copilot and I even took it out to the airport to see if it fit in my airlines sizer (Westjet). It did not, was not even that close. I think it is a little larger then their website measurements although squishable in depth if not overpacked. I decided to keep it, we can use it for some car travel and domestically. But I ended up deciding to purchase the small as well and make it work for my RS Scotland trip because I really want to be able to carryon for this one.

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I have to admit that I confused myself and misstated the volume difference. However, the confusion was actually caused by Timbuk2's website when I tried to determine the dimensions and volume of the small and medium:

The dimensions for the small are 36cm x 23.5cm x 53cm = 44.8 litres, which is larger than the advertised 42 l.

The dimensions for the medium are 36cm x 23.5cm x 56cm = 47.4 litres, which is smaller than the advertised 52 l.

The volume difference based on those advertised dimensions is approximately 2.6 litres, not the advertised 10 litres.

That extra 3 cm in height for the medium is still not worth it, imo.