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Thoughts on This Camera Backpack

Hello fellow travelers. In May, I will be heading to Prague and Budapest for what will be my first trip to Europe. I plan on taking my Canon PowerShot camera. I found this bag online and was wondering if it is too large to be used as a day bag while touring and exploring the sites. Measurements are as follows: 301639cm/11.86.315.5".

Thank you for the feedback.

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Too large, keep it compact and only carry what you need into the field. Daytime I take the long lens, night I use the wide F1.6.!Ai7Zk-szxfTJi8A8aogZBpTsInInCQ

Of course I have a smaller cheaper camera. But that cross body bag keeps the camera close when I might need it or I can slide the pack to my back and get it out of my way in the bar. Set me back 3.000 forints ($9) in a shop in the Nyugati Train Station underground complex.

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not familiar with the current generation of powershot cameras but if yours is a compact then it may be too large. however, as you said, as a day bag, I believe it should have enough room for all your other stuff. on the other hand, if your camera is a full frame dslr/mirrorless and you carry multiple lenses and accessories then you will need a bigger bag. i use a shoulder bag for my a7 4 and 3 gm zooms. i also carry a canvas tote for my water bottle, sunglass, sometimes a sweater/jacket, pills, and other bits and pieces. not fun but that's what i bargained for.

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Have you checked out Peak Designs? Their bags are built for camera carrying people. Your Canon power shot is small and compact and will be perfect. A large bag would be over kill. But Peak has great camera straps that you might find convenient.

I brought my Sony mirrorless and prime lens on a RS trip and it fit fine into my Pacsafe messenger bag. I prefer to stay minimal when I can.

I have a Sony point and shoot similar to your Canon. I bought a leather wrap around case and a fabulous strap from Peak and just wear it around my neck. Yes, I look like a full blown tourist, but I don’t miss a shot and anyone who sees me will never see me again. Hahaha.

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The Rick Steves Civita day pack is on sale right now for $19.95 + shipping - it measures 14" x 11" x 5 ½"

It is quite handy as a day pack, with enough room to hold a water bottle, foldable rain jacket or sweater, camera, power bank, etc. If, however, you're only looking for a camera bag, it may be larger than you need.

But if carrying a camera like the PowerShot, I'd be more concerned with what else I would need while out for the day touring.

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I carry a smaller mirrorless camera body and lens. I use a crossbody camera bag made by Tenba (available in; specifically their DNA series bags. These come in several sizes, are very high quality and 100% water proof - even if you should need to set them down in a puddle of water :) They are built specifically for photography equipment BUT have no easy-to-read logos or trade names the shouting to the world I have something of value in this bag! They open up in two ways: 1) opening a large flap for direct access to everything, or 2) thru a single zipper on the top surface for quick access to a specific item.

I prefer crossbody setups because I can easily get into it (no need to take it off of my back) and I can easily prevent others from doing so. When in crowds I swing to the front of me and hung it - I can always control access to it - never out of my sight. The "camera" insert can easily be removed allowing me to use it for any other general purpose need.