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This was the packing advice I needed today

Ok, this is for fun, which I really needed today! One of my co-workers sent me this article about packing and being safe in Europe. I thought she tuned out my mentions of this trip long ago, but apparently she really was paying attention!!

Really, it was fun to actually get to read this a few minutes ago - the past few days have proven to be quite scary and stressful as we had to admit my father into the hospital and we still don't have definite answers on his situation - and I leave in 3-1/2 days (maybe - it's up in the air depending on what happens in the next two days - very scary & stressful).

So, I enjoyed that this article gives me very direct tips on what I need to do if I make it over there ;)

Hope you enjoy it as well:

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Great advice! Important to get those background checks on every citizen of the countries you'll be visiting. ;-)

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I hope all goes well for your dad.

Great lttle article!

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bummer, my PC at work wouldn't let me read it. So sorry about your Dad, I hope he is better. One of my fears is always having great vacations planned and paid for and then worrying if someone will get sick when I'm supposed to go. I know that is selfish..but still.

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Hope your dad is okay. I feel safe now because I follow all of the advice in this article!!

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Great article! And so very nice that your co-worker remembered.

Hoping things work out for your Dad and that you are able to travel.

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Thank you for posting this. What fun to read! Wishing you, your Dad and your family well.