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The Filson Duffle Pack: 46L of carry-on goodness

I'm posting this link that you might enjoy a short and well done bit of travel writing (gear editor Jeremy White for WIRED). Article just happens to be about a travel bag.

Ah, but there are all different kinds of bags, I hear you cry. Well,
pipe down. I know there are all different kinds of bags. But this one
covers a lot of bases. It can morph into other forms, hold more than
the laws of physics would seemingly allow, and be useful in a whole
raft of situations—so many, in fact, that I have no reservations
feverishly recommending this bag to literally anyone who is even
vaguely interested in luggage of any kind. It is the bag to end all
bags. Let me tell you about it.

Yeah. I have a Filson camera bag. Had it for about 20 years. I understand what this guy's saying.
Filson: 46L bag

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Filson makes excellent products. . The problem is it is too big for most international sizers and nowhere is the weight given.

The problem I find with many Wired luggage reviews is they don't take luggage size limitations into consideration.

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Frank, there's this bit:

The low-cost, money-grabbing UK airline Ryanair likes nothing more than to charge you extra for even taking overhead carry-on suitcases onto a flight, but backpacks are free (for now). I can easily fit more than a week’s worth of clothes, all my toiletries, my tech, adapters, cables, and sunnies into the Duffle Pack’s 46 liters of space—more than Away’s 40-liter carry-on—then breeze onto the flight with the bag in backpack mode without having to pay one cent extra. Joyous.

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That Ryanair bit sounds disingenuous, at best. Per Filson's site, the bag measures 23½" x 12" x 10". Ryanair's free personal item is limited to 40x20x25cm (15.75"x7.9"x10")

I don't want to sound like a total cynic, but affiliate link commissions are more important to these sites than factual information.

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I agree with Scudder.

When did he take that bag on Ryanair? He admits to using it for years.

He may have gotten lucky. Backpacks are not exempt from Ryanair's carry on rules.