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Temperature Lauterbrunnen Switzerland late Sept

I will be on my 1st RS tour (Best of Europe 14 day) soon. In late September we'll be visiting the Lauterbrunnen valley in Switzerland. When I check the actual temperatures there, the daytime highs in August were only 52 degees or so. I'm not certain if they are measuring the temperature up on the mountains or down in the valley.... I'm wondering if I should squeeze my packable down coat into my carry-on bag? Thanks in advance.

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Yes, do take the coat, with you. Do you have a rain jacket instead with a hood. I am leaving for the same tour in two days and I too am bringing a rain jacket. Don't really want to, but if the weather turns any place we go then it will be good to have. I also am bringing a scarf. You may go hiking in the Lauterbrunnen valley because that is what you do there to see the land and the waterfalls. and it could be chilly. When you go up into the mountains, it will be cooler. I went to Switzerland years ago and we went up the mountain and it was chilly. It will not be as warm as Italy even in the valley. Plus Paris may be chilly too, not necessary, but it rains, rain happens anytime and when it rains it is chilly. So it will be a good idea to bring it.

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I'm on the 21 day tour right now. We just spent 2 days in Austria/So Germany and it was 46 and rainy when we left in the mornings. DO take a waterproof rain jacket and an umbrella. Many wore a fleece under their rain jackets the day we were out and around. I was ok with a long sleeve tee and cardie under my Marmot Precip. We've not been to Switzerland yet but I will hope for the best!

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Thank you everyone for the advice. I also found a website that has the traditional weather in Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland day by day. It lists highs of 17 and lows of 8 for the dates that our RS tour will be there. I'll be making room for the packable down coat and gloves for sure!

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That has got to be Celsius. 17 is pleasant, and the lowest temps would be around dawn. By the time you've breakfasted and get out and about, it will be warming up.