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I can't find the appropriate clips, but this was one of the gags in the 2004 teen sex comedy "Euro Trip". The kids found out those super cheap tickets to Europe meant they were acting as couriers, so surrendered their checked luggage allotment. So....

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To quote Forest Gump’s mama, “ stupid is as stupid does.”

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This dilemma always irks me. I get size limits for carry on and personal items since they have to fit into specific spaces, but not necessarily weight limits. Truthfully, these teens, even with all the extra clothes on their bodies, likely weighed less than some other passengers wearing nothing extra. I mean yes, it looks extremely uncomfortable and it was probably more just something silly they did for social media, but are there actually rules about what someone wears onto a plane?

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KRS, I don't know, but I've seen some "entertaining" outfits on planes, including the ubiquitous pajamas often worn by adults, which got me to thinking: What happened to adults?

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They should have been left alone. Who cares how many layers they have. What about people wearing Scottivests?
Plenty of oversize people weighing extra, more than a carryon. And taking up more space.

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i recall a Sarah Murdoch packing video where she claimed to do the same thing.

Overweight carry-on? Take everything out and wear it.

Wonder if these girls have watched that video?

Of course Sarah probably only had 2 bottoms and 3 tops. Who knows how much a teenage girl might have.

Not dissing teenage girls. I used to be one. ;)