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Teen Girl’s Packing list for 3 week summer trip (also in trip report)

Packing list Italy/Paris

We will have a washing machine in our Italian apartments and will use a laundromat in Paris so you should bring clothes for about 4 days (not counting what you wear on the plane that could be your “bulkiest” stuff).

We will check a 10 day weather forecast a few days before we leave but expect very warm days and evenings.

We can always buy things as needed so don’t stress about quantity of things too much although brands will be different.

Suggested clothes to Pack:
Mesh bag with 4 underpants and 3 bras
2 pair summer socks?
2 tee shirts
2 camisoles
2-3 pair of shorts
1 skirt or sundress
Summer pjs
1 thin long sleeved shirt as sun shirt and to wear on the plane
1 pair of long pants to wear on the plane
Small laundry bag or pillowcase

1 pair sandals
1 pair of flip flops
Wear sneakers/walking shoes on the plane

Tooth brush
Shampoo in 3-1-1 clear bag
Conditioner in 3-1-1
Small soap
Sanitary supplies
Hair bands

I’ll take a little medical kit but if you have anything you need out of the ordinary (specific medicine or cosmetics) please pack it, if liquid <3oz.
In our medical kit I have a few bandaids, triple cream antibiotic, Advil, Benadryl, loperamide, sunscreen, nail file, clippers, razor and a thermometer.


Money and documents:
A small cross body purse
Any € you have
Gift coupons
Copy of passport
2 small school sized pictures
Oyster cards(?)
School ID cards
BART cards

Small Backpack for plane and room for souvenirs on way home
Sketchpad and pencils (optional)
Book to leave behind
Empty water bottle
Snack (I have Kind bars)
Sun hat
Sm pkg tissues

1 Bike or running clothes?
Notify bank/cc of your vacation notification England, Italy, France

Mom and Dad:
Notarized Permission letter

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I’m confused.

Is this the packing list that was used. September begins tomorrow. School is back in session.

Oyster cards are for London and BART for Bay Area Rapid are you going from Paris to London on the Eurostar or taking BART to Oakland or SFO?

Guess I should look under trip reports.

Edited: Bingo it’s what you took with you.

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Claudia sorry for the confusion. This is the packing list they used for our just completed summer trip. You caught the reference to transportations cards because we actually spent 24h in London on the way over and we used our Clipper/BART cards to get to and from the airport in San Francisco.

I did file a trip report so hopefully that will help explain things although I left out the 24h spent in London although we managed to squeeze 2 fun, food activities in between our SFO to LHR and LHR to Bologna day. We went to afternoon tea near Green Park and then spent awhile at Fortnum and Mason, all on the Piccadilly Line.

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Nice work on the list and congratulations on the successful trip.

There some other travel forums for women and young girls where your packing lists might be very helpful. The only one I pay any attention is but it seems to have gone on hiatus since 2018.

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When I see suggestions to bring old clothes here to "toss", or a book to leave behind, I think of the old ads for US National Parks.

When folks do that it equates Europe with a trash can. Somebody has to empty that trash can and haul your cast off clothes and books to the landfill. We already have enough of our own stuff to get rid of.

"Take nothing but memories, leave nothing but footprints"

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Nigel, I totally agree with you. Not to mention having to spend time shopping for new things to replace the cast off clothing. I'm not adverse to buying an article of clothing if I need it, but I don't want to have to spend the time to replace my entire wardrobe. And I've never understood the logic of waiting until you arrive to buy your toiletries to save space. Don't you still need that space in your luggage once you purchase those things after you arrive? And more often than not they will be full sized products.

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The only thing I know the girls tossed out fairly early in the trip were some worn out low cut socks. The youngest granddaughter got a massive blister on day 2! But heel blister bandaids and a week of wearing flip flops helped the healing. Older granddaughter became the “medic” on the trip.

Otherwise I knew these two liked to shop for clothes in Europe so I encouraged them to pack light, I thought. They managed to carry it all quite nicely until the end.

In Paris as we checked out, oldest GD took two books to the front desk to ask if they had a place for books being left behind. I thought that was quite considerate of her.

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Great list Mona. The only thing i’d add is a plug adapter... : )

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Good call Susan but they knew Grandpa would have them covered. For independent travel I’d definitely add adapter(s) to the list.