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TAP airlines baggage restrictions

I am traveling on TAP airlines this year to Portugal. Are backpacks allowed as personal item on TAP or has anyone travelled on TAP with one for the personal item underseat? I have a Tumi backpack that just meets the measurements that I would like to use for personal/underseat.

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This is TAP's personal item size and weight restrictions. If it meets that you're good to go.

40x30x15cm / 16x12x5in: these are the maximum dimensions of height x length x width that a personal item can have.

2 kg / 4.4 lbs: it is the maximum weight of a personal item.

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Yes, I flew with my Patagonia 25L backpack last year on TAP. They did not measure my backpack but they did check the weight of my carryon suitcase which was a RS Ravenna rolling bag.

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40x30x15 cm is 18 liters. I guess they cut you a break with 25 liters, or was it only partially full and collapsed.

BTW, 40cm x 30cm x 15cm is NOT 16" x 12" x 5" (=960 cu in), it's 15.75" x 11.81" x 5.91" = 1098 cu in). Very poor math, TAP!

But they probably have only one sizer using the metric measurements.

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OP mentioned "backpack." Doesn't matter what you call something, call it a backpack, you can call it anything you like. What matters are:

  1. Dimensions (this should be clearly stated on the airline's website). Measure carefully (and honestly), including all wheels, handles, bumps, etc.

  2. Weight (IF a weight limit is listed - sometimes there's a weight limit listed, sometimes there isn't...if there is, it should be clearly stated on the airline's website.)

  3. How strict the gate agent you deal with is feeling, and their general mood on that particular day (this varies tremendously). If you have checked the limits carefully and you are definitely within the stated limits, the mood of the gate dragons won't matter.

The first two items are easy to discover, just look on the airline's website. The last item is impossible to predict with any certainty.

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I flew with TAP last month and the employees were performing spot checks on the carry-on luggage (both size and weight) at both the check-in counter and the gate. So, it’s important that you follow the stated requirements for both size AND weight.