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Spring in London

We are going on the Best of London tour May 7-13. Just wondering from past experiences what I should pack for this time of year. Looks like it could still be rather cool … We will also be in Heidelberg, Germany for a few days before our London tour to visit our son.

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I'm arriving on May 5 to spend a few days before I head over to France to take the South France tour. I'm packing a rain jacket as rain is a definite possibility. Also I take a light weight fleece to wear in the evenings if it is cool. I'm guessing excessive heat is probably not likely, but rain and wind are. Layers are good.

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I always take a waterproof jacket with hood…spring or Fall, England or France or Italy or wherever!! For myself I’d probably not need a puffy vest or jacket that time of year but I’m pretty cold tolerant. Your profile doesn’t indicate where you’re from so hard to guess whether you get cold easily or not.

Are you adding time on? If not, 3 shirts and 2 pr pants with 1 long sleeve layer would work for me for that time of year but I’m a fairly light packer. 1 or 2 pr of shoes and if you take 2 pr they should both be shoes you can walk miles in!!

You’ll have a wonderful time!!

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Unless I'm heading for tropics, I always take the insulation and waterproof layers. My basic clothing inventory is the same regardless of season or destination although I might pack an extra Merino layer for anticipated cold. One can always acquire additional layers at destination but it's easier for me to just carry the same stuff everywhere; I know how the components work togehter and I know where they all fit in the bag.

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I always pack a silk or silk-like pair of long underwear no matter what time of year I'm going anywhere!
It takes up no room, weighs nothing, is undetectable under clothing, and can be used as pyjamas too.
It has saved me from feeling cold so many times.

There are plenty of shops in London to add to your clothing if you feel cold.
Definitely bring a water and windproof jacket, and good walking shoes that you can spray with waterproofing before you leave.

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My first trip to England included arrival on May 8.

That was the day they had Summer in London that year. 80+ Fahrenheit.

Of course I was packed to provide for various weather conditions, including the fleece jacket I wore on the plane and had to haul around while I waited for my lodging to open at 3pm.
I also wore long sleeve shirts and sweatshirts during the same two-week trip.

Be prepared for a mixed bag.

And keep in mind: London's latitude would place it just north of Calgary, Alberta, so that 80+ degrees I mentioned might or might not be there when you are.

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I know this is somewhat unhelpful but it is impossible to predict future weather here. Pack for all seasons to the extent which your luggage allows