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Spirit Airlines carry-on

I am flying Spirit for the first time (to Colombia) and paid for a carry-on during booking. My question is, how strict are they with the dimensions for carry ons? Do they make everyone fit it in the little boxes at the gate? My standard 22" suitcase that I carry on with every other airline is actually 23" when you include the wheels, 1" more than their allowed size. Will it still fit overhead? If it doesn't, will they charge me even more to gate check it, when I've already paid the carry on fee? Just wondering what to expect - my flight is at 5am and I'm not a morning person at all so I want to be prepared rather than trying to think on my feet at the gate!

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They are very strict in my limited two trip experience. And yes if it won't fit in the sizer, they will charge you to check and charge more than if you had paid to check it earlier. Boarding was a hassle because they check the size of so many bags. Mine wasn't checked for size but they sure gummed up the line checking other people's bags. I don't fly Spirit if I can help it.

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Thanks for the reply, Jen! That's pretty much what I was expecting, so I think I'll make other suitcase arrangements, just in case. I, too, have avoided Spirit, but it was hard to pass up the $300ish difference in airfare, even after the fees. :/