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SOS--Checking in Ikea FRAKTA zippered bag?

I am in Copenhagen and two of my carry-ons had their wheels broken. Things are terribly expensive here and shopping online is a bit cheaper. However, there is not enough time for things to be sent from online stores. So, I must shop locally at a physical store, but my time is running out.

There is an Ikea close to downtown and I just wonder if this bag is sturdy enough to be used as a checked bag for clothing. I intend to double them and tape up the handles.

This solution needs to survive three flight segments (Copenhagen to the US via Canada). I will fly business class but don't know if this matters at all.

Thank you very much!!!

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As long as there is nothing fragile or breakable inside, you'll be fine.

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when I have had similar I, for a quick fix, bought a luggage carrier from a luggage shop and strapped the bag on. Then you can get the wheels repaired when you get home and you don't waste 2 otherwise perfectly good pieces.

I still have that gizmo somewhere.