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Slipper socks?

Just read through Frank II's men's foldable slippers thread. I've read various threads on different forums about taking your shoes off on a plane, and should you or shouldn't you. I'm wondering if slipper socks might work on a plane, as well as being makeshift bedroom slippers in my B&B room.

Something like these, perhaps?

Or is a plane floor just too gross?

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Sandra, I don't think the plane floor is too gross (except maybe in the bathroom.) But looking at your link made me think that yoga socks might do. I don't like the strap on the one your link depicts; it's cute, but my feet swell up so much on the plane that those would be uncomfortable. But yoga socks..... Hmmm.. Thanks for the idea!

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I have slipper socks at home - wear them all winter and love them. But there's way too little between me and the yuck of the floor on any mode of public transportation. The ones in your link look way too thin and permeable for me. But they'd be great at your hotel.

But then again, my feet swell on long flights. I learned the first time that getting my shoes back on at the end of the flight isn't fun.

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My husband and I both love wearing slipper socks on planes and trains and in hotel rooms.

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By all means, set your feet free. You will feel so much better, and it will actually be easier to sleep and relax with socks on. Any kind of socks work for me - you don't need to spend as much as $14 to get the job done when a regular pair will do just fine (as long as they're breathable). I'm assuming you picked the pair in your link because it's almost like a "sock-shoe" with the added grips on the bottom? As long as you're in your seat and not walking about, any socks will do...but if there are some that you just love the feel of, then all the better.

I do slip on shoes when using the restroom because, sadly, sometimes the floor is not dry.

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Sandra, did you look at these which I mentioned on Frank II's thread? I find the elastic on the "Coco flats" is stretchy enough to let me pull them on over support socks on the plane and yet firm enough to hold them on when I am wearing nylons or just bare feet as an ultra-lighweight easy-to-pack extra pair for evening wear, and as bedroom slippers.

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Nothing on earth could persuade me to wear anything but a solid sole into a plane bathroom !! That floor is often wet with water at best , but most likely urine !!

I would wear slipper socks in a hotel room though

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I always wear slip on/off shoes - usually sandals - on the plane and then in hotel room for "slippers".

Yes - an airplane bathroom floor is really too gross!

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Bathroom floors can be gross toward the end of a flight. I am tempted to bring those plastic surgical covers for shoes for single use!

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For me, gotta wear shoes in airplane restroom. But I wear socks when seated because otherwise my feet would get cold.

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My mother bought me a pair of those fitkicks for Christmas last year. They were a grommet launch when she got them, but I've seen them all over. Great for travel! And they do have an impermeable sole, for airplane floors (yes, they are gross).

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I often bring those slippers you get free at hotels , I throw them out after the flight ( no way would I bother to take them home or put them in my suitcase after wearing them) I also find them at thrift stores , still new , for a buck or so , and throw them out after

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Thanks, everyone.
Yesterday, I went to our local Hallmark store to get some cards. And surprisingly, they were selling two different types of Fitkicks. I bought a pair of the type shown in the link and tested them out last evening at home.

I think they will be a success!

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I usually put a pair of socks I got from an airline in their amenity kit ( got a biz class bump once). Just go on over my regular socks to keep them clean and add the bit of warmth I need. Wife will use those or some of the slipper socks the hospital gives patients. The hospital socks are a bit ticker and have a bit of 'tread' on the bottom.