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Shipping a computer/electronics

If it becomes impossible to carry on a computer on the flight to Europe, can I ship my computer (and camera) to my destination hotel in lieu of putting it in a checked bag? Can I ship it back to the US? Has anyone tried to do this? Things are becoming so complicated.

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I would just pack it well in your checked luggage. You can ship it but it will be fairly expensive and the need to pack it very well is critical. Then you have a major issue of timing when you send it to Europe. Not sure how you control that unless you use of the express services that guarantee a delivery date - that will be expensive. Then you have to risk the hotel hanging on to it for a couple of days. I think you are creating a greater hassle for yourself. What do you think you are gaining by shipping and not using checked luggage?

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I always thought that electronics in checked luggage were not covered under theft provisions if they go missing?

I could be mistaken on that, though.

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In light of this you should contact the airline you are flying and see what they are doing and what the flyers they depend on the most in first class and business are doing

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Things have not really become that complicated, yet. In the unlikely event that these carry-on restrictions extend to flights either to or from Europe, I also would use well-packed checked luggage. Shipping services also offer only limited insurance on the package, covering perhaps $100 in value, unless you pay more. Both airlines and shipping services can also toss items around and stack them high and leave them out in the rain.