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Sherpani Sojourn 3-way Back Pack - has anyone used this?

Our trip to Hawaii a couple months ago gave me a chance to try out my Travelon cross body purse and PacSafe tote. Conclusion: purse couldn't hold what I want to carry during the day (wallet, drug bag, camera, water bottle) without being too heavy and hurting my shoulders/neck. The tote was great on the plane but useless (too big) during the day.
Although I won't be travelling soon, I am looking for a convertible backpack to balance the weight, user friendly but not look like I'm out hiking. I found the Sherpani backpack online then went to REI to look at it. I think it'll work. The inside could use a few pockets to separate and secure things but I think that's fixable by sewing in clips and adding Velcro to keep the pockets closed. I keep things in separate zippered bags for ease of finding things.

Here's the link:
I'm wondering if anyone has use this tote and what your reaction is.

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I have a Sojourn from about 10 years ago that I love. It was pre-this backpack style or in addition to it. It still looks like new and I've used it for so much not travel related. That being said, its cross body and tote features no longer work for my underseat bag for at least one reason you state...weight and off center after a long day became too much. I love the look and style of the one you linked so I think it would be a good choice.

I took this route: classic backpack. So far I love this bag and it balances the weight of my DSLR so much better than a cross body bag.

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Thanks Wray. I'm glad to hear that the Sojourn is durable and roomy enough for a day's excursion. I looked at your Travelon choice before considering the Sojourn. Love the security features which was why I chose my Travelon purse and Pacsafe tote but it lacks the trolley sleeve which is something I want. I had to make and add one to my tote and don't want to do that again.