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Sending luggage ahead in Switzerland

Hello, wonderful forum!
I was looking for info on locker sizes at Lucerne station when I came across an article on luggage that says we can send our luggage from one station to another and it will be waiting for us. Has anyone done this?
My thought is this; we don’t really need our suitcases for the first few days we are traveling. We just need our backpacks. We land in Zurich on Monday and when we get to the train station we could send our bags to the station in Basel and pick them up on Wednesday. Then we are basically hands free for our travels for a few days.

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I don't know anything about this service. In my opinion, I never want my luggage out of my control. This may be a great service with no issues, but what if one of the bags are lost? How will this affect the rest of your trip?

You are only an hours train ride from Zurich to Basel. Why not just head to Basel and check-in to your hotel. You can then day trip from Basel for 2 days. Luzern is only an hour away from Basel and so is Bern. Two nice day trips.

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I’m thinking about it because we land in Zurich on Monday then head to Murren for two nights before a Wednesday night stay in Basel. Then we get on a River Cruise. So we don’t need our luggage until Wednesday night. Sorry I wasn’t clear in my original post.
We can take what we need for Murren in our backpacks. No need to drag the luggage.
So I’m curious if anyone has dine this and how it worked out.

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You may want to verify what services are being offered during Covid, even if they are on the website. I found that luggage delivery has been suspended at SNCF in France.

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Great advice. It looks like we can grab our bags at the airport in Zurich and then have them shipped ahead from the train station there. That way we can confirm they arrived and see if the service is being offered. Also gives us a chance to grab anything out of our checked bags we may need.