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Self following luggage?

I’m traveling domestically today and just saw my first piece of self following luggage! The 20” roller had balked behind the stiletto heeled owner and she had to nudge it to get it tracking with her again as it transitioned from the jetway to the terminal. I don’t think this style is made for European cobblestones! Can you guess what airport I’m transiting through today l? Also there was a bit of drama involved in the reprimand 😂

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Does it respond to a whistle???

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At 12 lbs ( empty) and ~$700, not on my shopping list

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Hmmm. Stiletto heels, expensive tech luggage, drama. LAX? Nothing against SoCal folks. 😉

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It was entertaining to watch during our Las Vegas airport transfer. We had just seen the campus at Corvallis Oregon teaming with similar sized robots delivering food to students and now a piece of luggage following at the heel of its owner. It’s a Jetson’s world out there.

The airline that allowed the bag as a carryon was Southwest Airline.

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Nothing against SoCal folks. 😉

No offense taken, Rocket. We love our neighbors in NoCal, especially those from SanFran, or the Frisco area :-)