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Security items

for trip in may to England.....I have made copies of license, passport, visa etc, covid id, med card. My question is where do
i keep the copies?. the originals? so much info out on the net. Thank you!

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I used to keep paper copies in a folder in the bag you leave ion the hotel room. Hotel safe if you think necessary. Then, I switched to scanning to a thumb drive (they even have some smaller than your thumbnail). Then I just scanned and kept in the Cloud. Now I just take photos of documents and keep on my phone. Email a copy to someone you trust at home, and you can always ask them to send if you need them.

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It has evolved over time. I don't have a home printer or scanner anymore, so I photograph relevant items, email a copy to myself, upload to a joint cloud account I have with my kids, and then have them on the phone.
However, is your license and med card (not that I am clear what that is) really necessary to take? Reduce to the bare minimum.
I have traveled for decades, so may be considered a little lax, however I do intermittently use a money belt for originals or I have altered my purses for security with internal zip pockets and some external clips. The cross body purse never comes off my body when I am out and I always have a hand on it.

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There was recently an article in the WSJ about people watching you put in your passcode and then stealing your phone. They said you should not have photos of your documents on your phone.

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I normally keep copies of Passport, driver's license, medical card, etc on a small "documents folder" that is carried in my checked luggage. If you don't have a scanner or printer at home, you can easily get photocopies at places like Staples or other office supply stores in your area. I also store the same information with Passport, D.L. and medical numbers in an encrypted file in my phone. You can also use a plastic sleeve to store 8 1/2" x 11" documents.

I always prefer to keep the actual Passport in my Money Belt, in case it's needed when I'm away from the hotel (which was the case on my last trip as I was unable to get back to the hotel). When storing important documents in a Money Belt, it's important to place them in a zip-lok bag so that they don't get damaged by perspiration.

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I am not too worried about someone copying my face or thumbprint (but i did see a movie once where they cut the guys finger off to get past security) to get into my phone so I put a copy of everything on my phone.

I also keep a copy in a folder in my cloud account and I have a QR code to that folder on an ID card in my wallet that anyone, even a thief, can scan and access my passport photo. Once they have that they can .......... ahhhhhh ........... not much. i keep all my medical information, contacts, flight information and hotel information there too.

The wallet card is soon to be replaced by a dog tag with the QR code on it. I will keep my shirt buttoned up so no one with a telephoto lens can get to the folder.

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I keep the originals on me at all times. Either in a money belt or in a wallet I have fastened to a zippered inside pocket of my purse.

I attach a split ring (like a key chain ring) to the wallet and sew one to the inside of the zippered pocket then attach the two with a coil tether something like this:

I don’t keep paper copies but do have screenshots in password protected files on my phone.

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I don't take photos of such things, but instead I scan them with the free Adobe Scan app. Then everything is saved to a separate folder in my Notes app, which I password protect. I can find them very easily and it's very easy to set everything up.

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I make paper copies and leave them at home
My family know where to look.
I also make paper copies in shrunk down sizes so they fold up small.
Then those are tucked deep into my crossbody bag.
I also photograph them and email them to myself.
Originals are on me in my money belt, or wallet which is on a lanyard hooked to the inside of my bag, at all times.
I stay in vac. rentals, so I don’t leave originals there.