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Seat cushions for flights

They forgot to tell me that as you lose weight, you also lose padding on your bottom. Thus, when I'm on a flight of more than a few hours, sitting becomes progressively uncomfortable and shifting position doesn't help. And next month I'm on a long flight to New Zealand. So I figured I'd better check out seat cushions. So far I'm looking at:

Ziraki Coccyx seat cushion; Everlasting comfort seat cushion for office chair; Kieba Coccyx Seat Cushion; ComfiLife premium comfort seat cushion

Anyone have experience with those, or are there better choices? I don't care whether foam, gel, zippered covers, etc. - just something that'll make it possible to sit for long periods. Thanks, y'all!

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I used something very similar for my flight to Europe last November, after hurting my tailbone in a car accident. It made a HUGE difference on a 10 hr flight. I suggest ordering it in advance and trying it out. Some are made of memory foam and very firm/not comfortable. The one I used was from Walmart and was just regular foam. Watch the width of the cushion compared to the width of the plane seat.

I used a foldable duffle as my personal item and carried the cushion on the plane in the duffle, along with a few other items.

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My husband uses xtreme comfort coccyx seat cushion. He has used it for two trips to Germany, seemed to help.
It is made of memory foam. We put it in a carry on rolling suitcase.

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Depending on your airline, you might just be able to strap or attach the pillow to the outside of your bag, like you would a neck pillow, and not have to worry about making room for it in your bag.

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I've used seat cushions for long flights for years. Makes a big difference. I'm currently using a gel based pad that folds in half and is very thin - packs easily. I found it on a travel gear website. One thing to remember - don't forget your pad when you're in a hurry to leave the plane! I made that mistake once and had to replace my pad.

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Getting recommendations for a seat cushion is like getting recommendations for shoes. Every, ahem, foot is different. Before you buy get yourself to a store that sells them and give a few a test drive. I bought several on line for my lower back (multiple herniated discs) and until I went to the Back Store I got no relief. But, the one that works is unfortunately not easily packable. So, still searching for that magic combination of effectiveness and packability.

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Bad right hip, so I need a seat cushion in cars and on planes. However, I don't like the weight, expense, and size of the real seat cushions you can buy, or the way they feel, so I bought two thick squares of memory foam at a fabric store and cut down an old pillowcase to fit them into. This homemade seat cushion can be rolled up and then compressed into a very small nylon stuff-sack that I usually clip onto my carry-on. This might be enough for you if it's just general "padding" that you lack.

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I use an inflatable neck pillow, which I inflate (half, to make it softer) while waiting for take-off. Takes up no room and no weight in my back pack. The hollow for the neck is very comfortable for my "tail".