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Search for the perfect Fleece!

I have spent the last 10 years traveling to Europe at least once and usually twice a year and during that time I have contnued to research and refine my gear in the pursuit of "packing light" and packing right. I have settled on a carry-on that works for me but I still was trying to find the "perfect fleece jacket". I aways carry a fleece jacket and a light rain jacket when I travel because I like to go during the shoulder seasons (April-mid June, Sept-Oct.) In the past I used a Marmot Mica light rain jacket and Kuhl fleece pull over, these worked well but two years ago I switched to a Scottevest Tropoformer jacket because I like all the inside pockets for days when I was traveling and the sleeves pop off to make a vest for warm weather. This week I decided to get a Patagonia Micro-D fleece jacket and I have to say it is very thin yet soft and packs down to a small package yet when I go outside in 40 degree weather is was plenty warm. Another nice feature is that it fits under the Tropoformer jacket easily and when I wear them together I'm good down to the mid 30's. I'll be in Greece in early May and it will be the first road test for my new fleece jacket. I've learned so much from this forum and appreciate all the help everyone has given me.

(Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with any on the above companies in any way, but I do like their products)

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My husband and I have been traveling with LLBean Fitness Fleece for years. Lightweight, just the right amount of warmth. They go with us on every trip, even summer trips to warm places because you never know!

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Donald, I appreciated your post very much. I'd be interested in hearing how the Tropoformer performs, functionally, on a day to day basis. We usually travel with a small Sea to Summit nap sack as a "day bag". If you were to sling a nap sack over your shoulders (one or both shoulders), does it tend to pull on the jacket's shoulders and detach from the magnets? I'm afraid that one would be constantly re-aligning them, and fidgeting with the the sleeves/attachments.

Love microfleece. I'll have to look, specifically, at the Patagonia Micro-D.

Vivian - Kingston, Ontario, Canada

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I stopped wearing fleece about 15-years ago. Other than keeping me warm while driving in the winter or, use for inside, fleece simply doesn't pack down, doesn't block the wind, can be heavy and isn't very abrasion resistant. I've since switched to a light insulated jacket instead, either down or, synthetic. Packs down small, layers easy with a waterproof shell and works as a comforter while flying.

For traveling, my go-to insulated jacket is a ExOfficio Storm Logic jacket. Breaks the wind, lots of travel pockets and packs down to a useful travel neck-pillow. I understand the updated version isn't as nice, I talked to the manager of their SEATAC store and she said a newer version was coming out some time in the Fall.

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Interesting, Zocor. Thanks.
We don't usually need anything that warm, but last October, in Venice (and in Athens), we had wished we had brought our "puffer" jackets! We happened to be there when it was unseasonably chilly - especially in the evenings.