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Sea to Summit Ultra Sil Daypack

I just got one. For those that have one, is there any secret to stuffing it back into it's case? It's not easy.

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Not that particular one- but they are all similar - I just stuff them in - I usually try to put the straps in first as they are fiddly to do last and can get caught in the zip. I'm amused that many on Amazon show a way of folding the bag back into itself - I never fold- just stuff and I've had many of these over the years

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Yeah, no secret. It is challenging. Thumbs work. I dont have a technique, I just shove and shove :)

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Over the decades, I have found all such "stuffable" objects are transported from another universe the first time they are removed from their pouches. Once they cross into our continuum, they become larger. Or we are smaller. Easier to find another pouch or stuff 'em into a corner.

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I gave up trying to stuff my Eddie Bauer packable daypack into its pouch. It actually took less room laying flat in my suitcase. I hang it in my closet along with my travel purses when home.

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This Aussie makes it look easy - packing it away starts at 2:13 on this video

I have a similar situation with a packable bag and have found that giving it a wash (following manufacturer's guidelines for cleaning) made it more pliable than the original crispy feeling bag.

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I gave up being frustrated trying to stuff the sea to summit into the tiny case and made myself one about two inches bigger out of same fabric. It is still very light and small.

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I have two of these, in different editions. While they are lightweight, the fabric does get punctured. It won't rip easily, however. One thing that I don't like--no external pocket.

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I turn the bag inside out and zip the straps inside, then just hold the that little bag and start pulling the sac inside the bag (or is it the bag inside the sac?) with my thumbs.