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Sarah Murdoch has another packing video on Youtube

Here is the link:

I don't know if it was just me and my internet connection right now, but the video quality was absolutely horrible. It looked like I was watching a video from 1998. On the plus side, the audio isn't super faint like many of her other videos. It's a good video though - it's another AMA (Ask Me Anything) about packing, and it's 24 minutes long. She also mentioned that she is going to release a video next week about packing with teens.

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Thanks for the link. It’s not your internet connection. She was so out of focus I couldn’t watch it. I do like her ideas for packing though.

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Thanks for the link. The quality is indeed not good but she gave very good tips.

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Her audio has improved and her information is spot on. I listened while folding laundry
Please don't hate on her for production quality.... its apparently not her priority. You tube is full of well shot videos on "packing" that are just long commercials for overpriced products. Let Sarah and her kids be themselves. 🤓

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I thought the video was great, and didn't mind the production, as the info was gold

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I'm connected on Facebook with "Adventures with Sarah" where I viewed this video awhile ago. The resolution through Facebook is much better. You might want to try that option if you want to watch it vs. just listen to it.

She posts fairly often on this Facebook site and shares some great advice.