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Samsonite Airea

I have mentioned the bag I use, a four wheel Samsonite Airea that measures 55 x 35 x 22 cm(expandable to 25 cm) and weighs 4 lbs. I got it at the begining of the pandemic and took in on a few domestic trips. It's now my first choice for trips.

The bag is not available in the USA. I got it online from Selfridges in London. They ran out of stock just after I bought it but it seems to be back. They charge $30 to ship it to the USA and it arrives in 3-4 days.

I don't get anything if you buy the bag but some people were interested in it because of its weight.

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Frank II, what makes this bag any better than similar bags from other makers? Special features? Value for the money? I respect your judgment, but I've looked at so many bags, and read so many reviews, my head is spinning faster than a . . . , well, you know.

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what makes this bag any better than similar bags from other makers? Special features? Value for the money?

If your budget is US$230-250 (including shipping), there are dozens of spinners from which to choose. International carry-on specs vary by airline, of course, with many in the 55 x 40 x 25 cm range, so Frank's would work fine for most. Some spinners tend to be more massive than rollers but Frank's is at the light end at about 1.8kg. For instance, TravelPro has similarly sized units in the same price range but they tend to mass 2-4kg.

What you can usually expect in the better and more expensive spinners is heavier duty wheels and beefier telescoping handles that should last ten or more years of hard traveling but they weigh more, too. Only reviews from long term users or severe testing to destruction can help you decide where the cost/benefits trade-off is for you.

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The only problem I see is that it is nylon. We went with a Samsonite hard case as we wanted to protect from rain and be able to wipe clean mud and other road gunk. Our Samsonite cases have lasted two big Europe trips and multiple domestic, so yes, a very reliable brand IMHO.

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They key to this weighs 4 pounds.

I had its predecessor which was 90% the same as this bag but I liked the improvements enough to buy this one. Well made considering the weight.