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RS Euro Flight Bag and Pacsafe Venture 300

We're leaving for Amsterdam and Brussels with an overnight side trip to Paris to celebrate my 69th birthday next week. My usual set up has been a RS 20" roll on and a Euro Flight Bag for carry on duties. The Flight Bag holds my CPAP along with electronics and meds that might be needed on the flight. In the roll on, I usually take along a Civita daypack for walking around duties. For security while walking around, I used a neck wallet since I could never get used to a waist belt worn under the clothes.

Recently I've decided to replace the neck wallet, which has proved to be a pain in the neck (literally), and Civita with a more secure Pacsafe Venture 300 which would also go in the roll on for the flights. Here's the quandary - it occurred to me that I might be able to leave the Euro Flight Bag home and use the Pacsafe on the flight instead. It turns out that the Pacsafe is slightly too small to take the CPAP, hose, and masks along with all the other things I need access to on the flight. However I could use the Pacsafe and put the CPAP into it's separate padded carry bag for carry on duty since it's a medical device and shouldn't count against the two carry on item limit.
Here's another wrinkle. We were planning to leave all the luggage (basically just our 20" roll on's and excess clothes) except an overnight change of clothes and toiletries at the hotel in Brussels and take the bare minimum for the overnight in Paris - the bare minimum has to include the CPAP and it's accessories.

So here's the choices.
1. Leave the Euro Flight Bag home, take the Pacsafe and separate bag with CPAP. Either carry on or check the 20" roll on for the flights.
2. Take the Euro Flight Bag with CPAP, put the Pacsafe in the roll on for the flights and wind up taking two bags for me for the overnight in Paris - means schlepping the bags around Paris or doubling back and forth between the Gar du Nord to the hotel to downtown twice.

I'm open to thoughts and suggestions.

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Hi Ray, I think option number one seems the most streamlined. I'm totally against schlepping whenever possible. Wray

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My wife decided she wants to check her main bag, so I've decided to carry on both the Euro Flight Bag and the small Pacsafe for maximum utiility. For the side trip to Paris, the Euro Flight Bag and Pacsafe will be adequate for the overnight.

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Hi Ray, That sounds like an excellent idea. Have a great trip! Wray