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RS Convertible carry on and easyjet regulations

I hope I'm not repeating this question but I'm pulling my hair out trying to find a consistent answer with google's "help". I'm travelling to several countries over the next few weeks. Italy, Rome, Germany, Spain. I absolutely do not want to check baggage. My husband and I just purchased Rick Steve's convertible carry on and I've read so many conflicting stories about wether these are within the measurement restrictions for easyjet. What I clearly understand is that easyjet allows one solitary bag including purse, laptop or otherwise. Measurements in cm vs inches doesn't seem very trivial yet that is the most inconsistent comparison I've read. Some say no problem others have horror stories of paying and exorbinant amount of money to have a bag checked because of a 1/2 inch difference. Does anyone have any experience with these? I would be so appreciative. Thank you!

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To be safe, you may want to assume that EasyJet will enforce their rules to the letter and the centimeter.
Someone here might come up with a story where they got away with being a centimeter over, but you won't be seeing posts from the other 99 EasyJet travelers where the airline insisted that you follow their rules.
Or, how lucky do you feel? You can gamble with the fragile items in your baggage that the baggage-handling gorillas will throw onto the carts and ramps.

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The Daily Mail article seems to explain it all. The accompanying photo indicates that Easyjet uses a sizing frame to check compliance. If it fits... A good case for soft carry-on bags that can compress. It's hard to squeeze rigid roller bags into size checking frames or overhead compartments if they are packed to the max.

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Thank you so much for the clarification. I feel a lot better as I will no where near fill this bag so hopefully it will squeeze in.

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Note that most European carriers already limit carry-on size to 55 x 40 x 20, so EasyJet's guaranteed carry-on of 50x40x20 is only smaller by 5 cm (9%) in length. The American limit of 9 inches thick (and some roller bags are rigidly this thick) is a little more than an inch thicker than the European and EasyJet guaranteed limit.