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Rolling grocery cart for travel

I am wondering if there is such a thing as a small, foldable and rolling grocery-type cart that can pack into a medium sized suitcase?

I have taken lightweight, foldable backpacks in the past but this year I have had some neck and shoulder pain and am wondering if there are any alternatives? I am open to all ideas but I also have a tight budget, so, something more than $75 is probably not going to work for me.

The reason for this is so I can go to markets and shopping and not have to carry my purchases on my back. It would be nice to be able to roll them around but a suitcase will not work. Thank you in advance.

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I’d Google it and I’d go to for this.

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I've seen that type of grocery bag at the Container Store, if you happen to have one near you.

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Thank you. I already tried googling. I cannot seem to find anything that is foldable to fit into a medium sized suitcase. By medium sized, I mean one that is too large for carry on but OK for checked baggage:

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How about Biaggi's Zipsak 20" Micro-Fold Spinner Fashion Tote?
Regular price is $59.99, but I got mine on sale off their website.
I bought it to use for conventions and trade fairs and will be trying it for the first time next month.
The tote's opening looks like it would work with groceries.

Good luck!

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Consider buying a cheap one when you get to where you're going? Or will you be moving from town to town? Seems to me that even if you can find one that fits into your suitcase, it wouldn't leave much, if any, room for anything else. Like clothes. If you find a foldable one at destination, you could bungee strap it to your suitcase when you have to move.

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CJean I thought about that but then I did not want to spend a lot of my time looking around ;-). I will only have 6 nights on my trip. This is a short one.

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The one at Container Store looks like a good option. In the questions, you can find this info:
The folded dimensions are as follows:
12'' W x 5'' D (this is based upon the wheels only. The depth of the bag itself is about an 1'') x 22'' H
I don't think you'll find one that actually works that is much smaller than this. It is $50 but they sometimes have 20% coupons.

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Ikea sells lightweight grocery (or whatever) bags that won't help you with the weight of a couple of wine bottles but in all other ways are great. They made of miracle polyester, weigh almost nothing and roll up into a little ball. They are strong, the straps are long enough to loop over one shoulder or tie to a belt, and cost about $2. It's called KNALLA. That product line also sells a small shopping cart (dimensions on the website) but its handles do not fold so it would take up a fair amount of room, not to mention weight (and indeed the website doesn't mention weight) It is cheap as grocery carts go.

This is a predicament: Anything that transfers the weight off your shoulders onto wheels will also add a bulk to your luggage.

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Hi Lisa, if you are only there for 6 days, would it be cheaper to just eat out in some budget locations instead of going to markets and purchasing this item? Just thinking that maybe that would also help your neck & shoulder pain because you wouldn't need to pack this item in your suitcase which would add weight to it.

Otherwise, maybe something like this? Just be careful that you don't trip or trip someone else since the items would be low to the ground.

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The simplest solution is to bring a rolling suitcase with your clothes. Upon arrival empty your suitcase of clothes, and use it to lug your market purchases home.

That's what I do for laundry. It always gets some comments when, still having several days more at a hotel, the front desk staff sees me rolling my suitcase out the door! I always have to explain that I'm on my way to the laundromat, and I'll be back soon, and I'm not trying to leave without paying!

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While my vote for a 6 day trip would be to eat out or just bring a salad or fresh sandwich back to your room nightly, I found several inexpensive, lightweight choices on Amazon.

I searched the way Susan suggested. My search terms were foldable, rolling, shopping, tote. Here's an example of one who's largest dimension is 16" and weighs less than a pound. I would try it out at home for a few days before taking it to Europe.

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Europeans often shop daily or so because fridges are small and they like their produce fresh. Consider smaller purchases. As to prepackaged foods, it depends how close you are to a major grocery store. You might find a mixed salad, otherwise not much pre made in the small mom and pop or Carrefour corner stores which are more typical for centre towns. If they are hilly or cobbly, pulling a cart may still stress your shoulder/neck.
But if you only want to shop once, I would just use your suitcase and ignore the quizzical looks. (It's the wine that goes with the salad, cheese, fresh baguette and macaroons that weigh diwn the purchases😊)

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Or could you take a taxi back from the store ? Then at least the carrying distance would be minimal.