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Rolling Carry On Bag - what do you love, what do you dislike?

I chose the Rolling Carry-On because of its size and weight - with all the craziness of the traveling world this year I wanted to make sure I could carry it on any airline (fingers crossed!) I just got it today, though, and I'm a little disappointed with the interior liner. There's so much extra fabric that I can grab an extra 2-3 inches. When it's not pulled tight like that, it looks messy, like it would be difficult to pack efficiently and that all that fabric takes up valuable space. When I asked Customer Service about it, they said, "The interior fabric may be a bit loose as it’s designed that way for the manufacturing process. Manufacturing processes are subject to change which may be why it’s different from your older bag." My older bag, not Rick Steves brand, had a liner that was tighter fit. Has anyone else come across this? It might be a deal breaker for me.

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That doesn't really bother me because it allows me to smooth the fabric down in the channels and fit smaller items in there. I've got big feet so shoes can't really fit in, lol but other stuff can.

But each person is different. If it's going to bug you, you should send it back. No point in feeling aggravation every time you open the suitcase.

The thing I really love is the long flat pocket on the front of the case that is perfect for a rain jacket.

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I've bought a few RS bags, and NOT a huge fan of any of them. There are SO many options out there - RS is one of so many choices. I love his guidebooks, his EUROPE THROUGH THE BACKDOOR book, his HideAway Tote - but not a fan of his luggage and we've owned a few pieces. There are much better bags on the market in our opinion.

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Recently purchased the rolling bag and the lining is very loose. It is very similar to all of our others bags that are various other brands with a very loose, full interior lining. I don't see it diminishing the interior space since it is just a thin nylon materials that easily folds against the sides and the ribs of the handle. I personally think it is handy for cleaning since you can easily pull up the fabric get the stuff out of the corners and elsewhere quickly. We have always found the RS's luggage to be very durable and practical.

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I wanted to make sure I could carry it on any airline

By any airline do you mean any US flag airline or any airline including European airlines? KLM and AirFrance limit carry-on size to 55x35x25 cm. 35 cm is only 13.78 inches (14 inches is 35.6 cm), so technically the Rolling Carry On does not comply. Now, it's close, and maybe the airlines are not that exact, and will allow slightly oversized luggage. I haven't heard of anyone's 14" bag being rejected by European airlines.

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We like the rolling carry on bags, and have used them since 2014. The only problem I had was the zipper on the long outside pocket broke after quite a bit of use, but a luggage repair shop fixed it easily. The loose fabric inside does not bother me. I find them easy to pull, across cobblestones and in airports, and easy for me to put above my seat (which is something as I am 5'2" and can hardly reach some compartments), and I can pack everything I need for 3 weeks in Europe. My previous bags were much more expensive, and the outer coating on the wheels came off after many fewer trips/miles than these.

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I loved my RS rolling bag, and will not buy again, the zipper slider pulled past the zipper stop (making it unusable). This seems to be an ongoing problem with the design of their zippers. Checked with Customer Service about a warranty repair, it is considered wear and tear and not covered by their Lifetime warranty. I have been trying to reach customer service for about 3 weeks to discuss the problem and have had no response

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I have used my Briggs & Riley compact roller bag for years with no problems on international flights. Between its compression system and using EBags packing cubes, fitting two weeks worth of clothing in the bag is a breeze. They are pricey, but worth every penny for the quality and lifetime guarantee.