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Rolling backpack?

I’m curious to know if people that have a rolling backpack - how often do they actually use it as a backpack?

Is it worthwhile to have the 3rd option? I usually using a rolling bag and just carry it on stairs.

Backpack only is not an option for me

Thanks for comments

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I do, it's part of my system to manage my luggage without help, including on Rick Steves tours.

It's an old EagleCreek International carryon size that holds my CPAP and other stuff I want to carry on. I wear it when rolling the 22" bag I check, and roll it through the miles of airport corridors after I check the 22".

If you are thinking about using it for your only bag, this might not help.

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My husband took a 50L rolling duffle with backpack option to Europe on our extended trip last year. He didn’t end up using the backpack at all. It was easier to just roll it and lift it on and off trains, carry it by the handle upstairs etc.

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We have used Osprey rolling bags that convert to backpacks on several trips. The only time we used the backpack function was in Venice when we had to get up and over all those bridges. I have completely removed the harness from mine which has given me a nice place to stash raincoats and umbrellas etc. My husband has transitioned to mainly just taking a backpack as he prefers to carry on his back rather than wheeling. I like this arrangement as he is now my pack mule. He wears his backpack and wheels my bag too.

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I have always preferred backpacks. I tried wearing a rolling backpack in a store and found it pretty uncomfortable. When you store the straps, you have the added weight and loss of volume. Every gram and cubic centimeter counts when it comes to carry-on packing.

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I also have an Osprey rolling backpack that I purchased last summer, specifically the Osprey Daylite Carry-On Wheeled Duffel 40. While it is a great bag with durable wheels and is fairly lightweight at just under five pounds, I've never used it as a backpack. Like AussieNomad, I removed the backpack harness/straps from mine. I love the idea of traveling with just a backpack....unfortunately, my back won't cooperate.

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I have an Osprey Sojourn rolling backpack that I love. I use it constantly as a roller bag and have used it exactly twice as a backpack. If I were to do it again, I probably wouldn't bother with getting the backpack version, but it's nice to have as a back-up.