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Ricks Rolling backpack

Hello, We are interested in getting a couple of Rick's Rolling Backpacks for a future trip to Italy. We already have nice care on size suit cases but they are not back pack style, it looks like a good idea for getting through the streets of Venice and getting around on trains.
My questions are these:
Do they hold up? For many years, and if you have to check them in from time to time?
Are they semi comfortable on your backs?
Do you ever worry about anyone getting into it while it's on your back? (I know I could put locks on zippers/etc).
$159.00 seems like a great price compared to a lot of other back pack suit cases, but sometimes paying less is not always a good thing.
Any and all suggestions are greatly appreciated!

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Rick would be the first one to tell you this: Don't put anything vital to your trip in any kind of backpack. Vital stuff should be in your money belt.

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I have this and will use it as a backpack on our 21 tour starting in a month. I will report back then. I did use it as a rolling suitcase in a trip to NYC last November and it seemed to hold up after checking it both ways.

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Agree with above. My Rick bags, on number four now, do well in all situations. Light, strong, and able to take rough surfaces, is the bag with me now on a simple train and ferry trip to Canada. Enjoy!

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Thanks greatly appreciate all the feed back. We already have back packs as well as day packs...just a suit case style back pack looks easier to pack than our packs...just need to decide if I truly need one more suit case to store when we're not traveling. And I keep all valuables in my Pacsafe bag that goes everywhere with me, have two different styles and love them both, nothing of importance is every left to chance. Thanks again!

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I have used it both as a back-pack (only when going up LOTS of stairs) and roller (yes, even over cobblestones!) and it worked great. I've taken it on 5-6 trips and so far it has held up well. An issue with them is that if they are not packed "correctly" they do tend to tip over. Really important stuff is in my moneybelt, but for added protection when I travel (on luggage, my day bag etc.) I use these. Just making my bags a bit harder to get into, hence not the "lowest hanging fruit." They are cheap and light.

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If my Civita Day Pack is any indication, the Rolling Backpack ought to be pretty near bomb proof.

After my business trip last week I noticed that a few small holes had worn through on the front pocket of my Civita Day Pack. After about 10 years or so of service as my laptop toter while traveling, hiking pack, world travel companion (8 weeks in Europe over 4 trips), countless trips back and forth across the US, and generally acting as my guy purse while traveling, the Civita is showing some wear. Who'd have thought that a light weight. economical day pack would stand up like this? Ten years and never a failed seam or broken zipper. Regardless of whether I'd jammed it with 20 pounds of books or half a case of wine.

Well, gotta go. Need to order my new Civita Day Pack. I'm going for graphite this time!

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I've used the Rick Steves rolling backpack for several years and it gets the job done for me. It rides well on your back for short distances ( up stairs, over cobble stones, etc) but it probably won't work for outdoor hiking in the mountains. I will use mine till it falls apart!

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my wife uses the RS rolling carryon. it rolls really well holds up very well and its amazing how much stuff she can get in there too!

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Terry, I almost cried over the holes in your Civita bag! Mine is about ten years old, graphite (well, now it's pretty much purple). It does manage to expand to always hold one more thing, doesn't it? Cheers to another decade with your new bag!