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Rick Steves Rolling Luggage Carry-on & other recommendations

I see the Spinner Carry-on is on sale for $125 (regularly $180).
Besides the 4 wheels, how does it compare to the Rolling Carry-on?

I am flying British Airways and am determined to pack light and carry on. they must be no larger than 56cm x 45cm x 25cm (22in x 18in x 10in)

Came across this NY times website and were looking at other options too. Anyone used the 21 inch Travelpro Platinum Elite?

Or this one from Amazon?


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To me the TravelPro Platinum Elite is too heavy. It is 7.8#.

The Amazon one is 7.34#.

I've been looking for something that is smaller then the old RS 20" which is now the 21", lol. It comes in at 6# which is heavier than I want to start with. The current RS spinner is 6.7 and the rolling carry on is 6.5.

I've been looking at the TravelPro Max Lite series which is lighter, coming in at 5.4#. The overall case dimensions are 23" though even thought it's a 2-wheeler and lighterweight. That won't work for a lot of situations.

The 2# makes a big difference for me as I'm old, lol. I also am flying one leg of an upcoming trip on Air France which has a 12kilo weight limit for carry on luggage + personal item.

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I have the previous version of this one, and I love it! The interior structure of it keeps it from tipping over, the separate section in the bottom is nice to keep dirty clothes or other items separate. I use the bottom section, also, to protect anything fragile I purchase. Since the top of the suitcase (when lying down) is fabric, the depth can squish into tight dimensions. I’ve used it multiple times in Europe & the US - always just did carry on. My last trip in June was 11 cities traveling by train, and it was fine for all of transitions.

My husband has the RS rolling carry on - your second options listed. Just be careful to place your heaviest items at the bottom when it is upright, so it is less likely to tip.

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I am sorry I can no longer recommend Rick Steve’s Luggage, I have a Rolling Carryon (that I love) that the zipper slider has pulled past the zipper stop (making it unusable). Looking online this seems to be an ongoing problem with the design of their zippers. However when I checked with Customer Service about a warranty repair I find out that it is considered wear and tear and not covered. Basically there is no Lifetime warranty on their products everything comes under wear and tear. I have been trying to reach customer service for about 3 weeks to discuss the problem and have had no response. I was about to buy two more pieces of luggage to take on an upcoming trip and now knowing that there is no support for their products I will be looking to purchase from another company

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Shopping for a wheelie or a spinner is difficult in a marketplace where there are hundreds of choices besides the well-known brands. Visit ebags to see many interesting and well reviewed pieces.

One of the things to consider besides size is mass. BA may have a weight limit to go along with their sizer. If your bag masses 3kg empty, you may have some serious packing choices to make to stay under the limits.
Might not be applicable in your case but, just for comparison, the non-rolling versions of RS luggage weigh in at only 0.5-1.4kg.

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Ebags is no longer the company it once was. They now only offer their own brands and a few selected items from sister companies.

BA's weight allowance for cabin bags is 51 pounds so a wheeled bag's weight won't matter.

But let me suggest this the only flight you are ever going to take or do you plane to buy a new bag for each trip? Instead, why not get a bag that will be allowed on numerous airlines. Nothing more than 22 x 14 x 9. Slightly smaller would be even better.