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Rick Steves Rolling Backpack - dimensions?

Hey folks,

So I have a trip to Greece coming up in a little more than 2 weeks. I usually travel light with just a backpack, however I recently hurt my back and although it is healing and I think I should be close to 100% by departure date, I was thinking of switching the backpack for a roller bag.

I've been trying to find lightweight roller bags that are international carry on friendly and this RS bag seems like a decent match.

The dimensions on the web page say 20" x 14" x 7" (including wheels), but the YouTube product video says 20" x 14" x 9". Hoping someone may have this bag who can chime in with the actual dimensions and if it is really international friendly?


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We have used this bag on a 12 day trip to France and another 12 day trip to Italy. Size is 20" x 14" x 7" but as its soft-sided you can over pack it so much it could bulge to 9". Very friendly bag on international flights and it easily fits in overhead bins (not counting Ryan Air and the like). Also fits well on over head racks on trains. Its back-pack straps are super useful when climbing to our typical 5th floor AIRBNB. It's not built as tuff as a Tumi or Briggs & Riley but Rick's bag is much lighter in weight and is a fraction of their cost. Economy airfares have strict weight limits for carry-on so having a very light empty bag like this one is key. Bag held up fine after being checked several times. Wheels don't look "beefy" but they have held up well so far.

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Wishing you speedy recovery and access to excellent pharmaceuticals. I understand your situation but the problem with wheelies is the mass and volume consumed by the transmission. The rolling backpack has a capacity of only 32L; the carryon roller is 41L and is a pound more massive at 6.5#. A good carryon backpack is 40-45L and weighs three pounds. You might be able to sling your bag instead of carrying it on your back.

I've been watching the reviews of various RS luggage items for three or more years. Some folks really like their pieces and find them excellent values. Other folks, not so much. Be aware that RS does not offer return shipping.

FYI: I was at the Boise mall this morning where the department stores are running Memorial Day sales and some of their cheap luggage is cheaper. Drop by REI, too, although the REI sale has been going for a week.

Have great visit to Greece.

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Thanks for the measurements Joe and glad to hear you like the bag. I've already tempered my expectations not expecting something of Tumi or B&R quality, but for the price and weight/dimensions seems like the RS bag hits the sweet spot so to speak.

Thanks for the well wishes Bogie. My backpack I usually travel with is 36L so not too far off from the rolling backpack. Originally I was just looking for a roller and having backpack straps is not really a priority for me, but the slightly smaller size/lighter weight of the rolling backpack is what drew me to it over the strictly roller carryon.