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Rick Steve's Travel Gear - TAS Lock -Help!

My husband and I are leaving for our vacation in an hour. I purchased the TAS locks and have managed to lock them and cannot reopen them. (they are not on the suitcases yet). Is there an easy way to re-set the combination. THANK YOU!

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I bought a TSA lock once, not thru RS. It immediately did the same thing. After that experience, for me, it is not worth the chance of not being able to open my own bag. I'm back to safety pins in transit, and an old reliable lock when left in hotel (sometimes).

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Try 0-0-0. That is usually the default combo.

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Do a YouTube search. You will quickly discover how to open them (and why they are useless)

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Unfortunately if the lock was already set to something, you wouldn't be able to reset the lock unless you knew the current combination. The best suggestion would be to try a few numbers around what you meant to set it to. Sometimes when setting the lock, it can set on a number you are turning past if you let up on the shackle while setting.

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I bought a new suitcase with a TSA combination lock built in, set it according to directions, and arrived at my location only to find that I could not open it! Fortunately I discovered this prior to leaving the airport and the very nice folks at TSA opened it for me with their key and even tried to figure out what had happened. We determined it was a defective lock. Needless to say the suitcase went right back to the manufacturer and I ordered a new one without a lock!

No lock is going to stop a determined thief, but it could stop you from opening your bag. If you want to deter theft, use the one time use snap ties that hold it closed , but can be broken open when you want.