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Rick's Packing List?

So, I've used Rick's packing list a few times. I admire its minimalism and practicality. However, I've always had a question about it: does this list include what one wears on a flight over? For example, he recommends packing 2 pair of pants or shorts and 1-2 pair of shoes. Does this include the pants and shoes I wear on my trip over?

Two quick laundry tips: black binder clips from the office make great makeshift clothespins, and they come in handy for resealing a snack bag, as a book mark, and a host of other needs.

Second, I found some laundry detergent sheets (made by ECOS) that are a fraction of the space/weight of liquid detergents. One sheet does a full load, and they can be torn into smaller portions for a quick sink wash-up. Just keep them dry until you need them.

Go light.


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At the top of the list, he writes: "Here’s a rundown of what should go in your suitcase." I think that excludes what you're wearing on the flight. Airlines frown on naked passengers, though they might make TSA's job easier.

It's a good list but I've never seen the point of bringing two pairs of pants besides the one I'm wearing. Likewise shoes. Somewhere I've seen it recommended that people planning serious hikes or mountain climbs wear their heavy duty boots on the flight, which makes sense.

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I got tired of unloading clothes from my 21" carry on bag that I didn't even wear. And my Size 15 shoes take up so much room.

Every trip for me gets lighter. I only wear golf shirts and I pack one for every three days. And I pack one pair of pants per week of travel. Heavy starch at the laundry makes pants still look good after a week. The only shoes are on my feet. And I do use packing cubes and quart size zipper type plastic bags for organization.

I quit carrying my laptop and use a light tablet while traveling to check email, etc. It works fine to make any hotel reservations if needed. My wife carries a smartphone, however I don't need mine if she has hers.

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Travelers who wish to pack lightly and go carryon-only build their own packing lists. Lists change a bit depending on destination, time of year, and experiences. Two habits I think many carryon nuts share: carefully maintaining a curated collection of travel gear and carefully editing a complete list. Some of us weigh everything. And we like to share ideas for multi-purpose items that may allow for further reduction, simplification, and organization. Taking soaps, shampoo, detergents, and moisturizers from home is a good idea because one knows how one's skin tolerates those substances. Shoes? I must have two pairs—period.

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Airlines frown on naked passengers, though they might make TSA's job easier.


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“ Two habits I think many carryon nuts share:”. - LOL! Yes, I definitely fit into that category. I have chosen shirts based on the kitchen scale weight. ; )

My husband brings a carry on suitcase & a backpack (includes his CPAP), but he’s not as crazy as I am. I just asked him, and his total numbers of items, including those worn he wears on the plane, were the numbers listed on Rick’s list for clothing.

I took a quick look at the women’s packing list, and I do bring less. We travel by train. When I’m traveling solo, I bring even less because I move locations a lot.

We usually wash our clothes each night in the sink with the hotel shampoo or a piece of laundry detergent sheets, so that cuts down how much we need to bring. We don’t buy “travel clothes”, but we select items from our wardrobe that dry fast. I bring a couple of gallon Ziploc bags, so if something isn’t 100% dry, we can seal it inside the bag and hang it up at the next location. For a 3-week trip, I’ll reserve an apartment in the middle of the trip to run everything through the washing machine.

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Airlines frown on naked passengers, though they might make TSA's job

I doubt it.
If you have your hair all done up on top of your head, they'll probably still want to poke through it.

And they'll probably still want to wipe you down with the little cloths they stick in the machine to see if you have any residue of some dangerous substance on you. ;)

Could be an interesting experience.
Please post if anyone tries it.