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Rick's Crossbody Travel Bag

Rick's Crossbody Travel Bag (purse) is on sale and I was thinking of getting it. I'm a bit leery about buying a purse I can't "try on" though. Can anyone who has this bag and has traveled with it let me know what you think of it and how it worked out for you while on the road (like was it roomy enough; too roomy; uncomfortable; etc.)? I have one of the Veloce bags, which I only traveled with once because I disliked dealing with the flap every time I wanted to get into the bag. I've been traveling with a Hedgren purse the last few years. It's fine, but I'd like something with a little more structure.

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I bought this bag last year and used it on my last RS trip a year ago. It was ok, coordinated with my RS carry-on bag (the teal color is very pretty), but I decided I prefer the slicker, more rain-resistant material used by baggallini, Eddie Bauer and other sellers. The RS bag is a kind of canvas material, similar to the suitcases and the Veloce. Last fall's trip to Eastern Europe was VERY rainy, so a moisture-resistant bag would have been better.

Since I usually take my standard size iPad along, I prefer the Veloce bag and will likely return to that bag on my next trip. Once I get to a destination, I put my iPad in the room safe, and use the bag for a day of walking. I've found the Veloce is large enough to carry my rain jacket or umbrella, and I didn't mind the flap. It was easy to access my phone and glasses in the outer flap or just under the flap. I also pack a very small Eddie Bauer bag for days when I only need to carry glasses, phone and a few other essentials and enjoy the lighter weight. Hope this info is helpful.

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I am not one to feel the need for a PacSafe type bag for security reasons, but I do consider the possibility of pickpockets when I look at my day bag. I don't have either of the bags mentioned, but a check on the website with the close up lens I see the zips are not double zips so there is no way to secure them for some added security. The Veloce flap does add an additional layer to foil pickpockets. You could consider just leaving the flap folded back for ease of access to the main body - when frequent access is required and security is less relevant.
I just looked up Hedgren purses. They don't have the double zip to add a twist tie or caribiner to either, so my preference isn't as relevant to you. It looks like Rick's crossbody bag is lighter than the large Hedgren purses so it has that going for it.

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I don't have the crossbody bag but I do have one of Rick's rollaboards and a packable tote so I'm not against buying his products.
But for day bags/purses I really like the Travelon line.
There are a number of different styles and colors, and what I absolutely love about them is the little zipper clips for extra security.
My bag foiled a pickpocket attempt on the Paris Metro last year when the clip slowed the guy down enough for me to realize what was happening and chase him off. So I highly recommend either Travelon or another bag with more security than Rick's bag.

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We are fans of Cadillac waterproofing spray which we use before trips to waterproof our bags (backpacks and daypacks/purses), shoes, hats, umbrellas, and jackets.

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I use Dry Camp Waterproofing spray with good results. I use it on my old horse blankets, jackets, hats, etc. It’s available on Amazon.

As for the purse, I used a Travelon purse the size of RS Crossbody but it hurt my neck. I then tried a smaller one, same problem. So now I bought a very small Travelon crossbody purse for my next trip. It’s hanging in the closet waiting... I am surprised that none of Ricks day bags have locking zippers or holes in the zippers to put locks/ties through.

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I love this bag and have been using it as my everyday purse. There have been people in the past stating it doesn't have loops in the pull tabs of the zippers for locks, but for me, I'm not so paranoid about getting ripped off all the time. I has all sorts of nooks and crannies and I really recommend it. The only thing that could make it better would be a sleeve on the outside for a little water bottle, but I just put a mini carabiner on my metal water bottle and that works too.

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Barbara, why do you characterize those of us who prefer an extra layer of security as "paranoid"? If you don't care about holes in zippers, extra compartments in purses, or any other security features, great! But if others do, then that's their choice and no skin off your nose, right? Maybe you've never been pickpocketed or robbed (it happens), or maybe you have been and you can afford to see it as just an amusing story to tell your friends about later. Maybe other people want a different kind of amusing travel story to tell later. Like another poster, I like the option of threading two zippers together if I'm traveling on a crowded bus and I DON'T want to think about whose fingers are on my stuff. I'm not "paranoid", I don't spend my waking hours worrying about it, but I like options. Takes about 2 seconds to link two zippers together and I'm done. Maybe the OP doesn't care about this feature--she didn't specifically ask about it--but I appreciate knowing about it. Different strokes for different folks.

Crossbody bags feel very difficult for me to carry, I am more comfortable with the backpacks as they are easy to carry and are able to hold more stuff inside. They also look better than crossbody bags and comes in different sizes for college, travel, etc.