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Review of RS carry on luggage

Hello, After 2 weeks with our RS luggage I'd like to give our review of this luggage. First we've traveled a lot in all sorts of ways. We don't like to spend a lot for our luggage because it gets worn and if you've checked luggage to Asia more than once it will look like it came thru a world war.
I carried the rolling carry on and husband had the convertible back pack. I also had the euro travel bag. It is obvious that all these bags are designed with a purpose. First the rolling carry on: I wish it was lighter, but the harder back shell was nice to have in order to pack anything that I didn't want squished. The retractable handle worked very well, except I wondered if it was strong enough, but it works well and if it was made any stronger that would add weight. I used this handle with the euro travel bags over the handle strap (like the added snap that keeps the euro bag from swinging around. The added strap on the outside of the rolling carry on was unnecessary for me, so I cut it off. Everything on the inside of the bag is also put there for a purpose. And I used all the parts. I like all the outside zipper pockets for easy access.
The wheels were a surprise for me. They are set wide and stable. They handle rough streets, but not pea gravel so well, but what does? The soft handles on the top and side are beautiful and comfortable. The bottom has a stablizer that is also a handle. The entire profile of the bag runs down aircraft aisles like no other 2 wheeled carry on I've have owned. When this bag is expanded it holds so much so when I was lazy packing from one hotel to another then I just expanded the bag and crammed it all in.
My euro flight bag was a gem. I like the fact that when I opened it I could see most of my stuff right away. But surprisingly I could pack so much that weight could become an issue fast. I tended to put my heavier items in the bottom and leave the top for my neck pillow and sweater. For the plane I put my cross body bag on the top. The outside pockets are super and the front top zipper fits the boarding pass and passport easily while in the airport. Before the trip to Europe, I actually packed the euro bag for a 4 day weekend and it was more than adequate.
I also used the toiletry bag and made some minor modifications as I thought the front mesh opening gaped to much so I used a safety pin to make a tighter front opening (plus if I needed a safety pin on the trip.. there it was). I really like the mesh as you can see what is in the compartments easily. Also as I needed to wash this bag when I got home I was so pleased that the mirror is velcro attached.
My husband had the convertible back pack, but never used the back pack straps as we didn't have to go that far with the luggage, but he loved the traveling with only a carry on and he especially loved the initial weight of the bag. His only problem was he always forgot where he put stuff in all the pockets. I on the other hand, kept things in the same pockets and returned them to those pockets.
I used cubes and also rubber banded my 2 pair of extra shoes and put them in xtra large zip lock bags. Husband only used one cube and packed without cubes. I'm trying to convert him.
So we give two thumbs up to these well thought out luggage.

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@tgreen099, thank you very much for your review! My husband and I have been using RS gear for years, now... we both had the convertible back packs (that got old, fast), then I bought luggage wheels for them... too narrow and cumbersome. These days we both have the rolling carry-ons... very happy with them.

Our problem, though, is that we also use the Euro Flight Bag as our "personal item"... we have the older model, which is no longer on his online store. The problem is that the narrow, wimpy, webbing strap that slips over the extended handle of the roller bag (that WON'T stay snapped) just doesn't cut it. the bag keeps flailing around and slips around and suddenly stops you... while walking down a street, or running for a plane, etc. We've imagined cobbling up all sorts of solutions, but can't think of anything that allows for rapid on/off, as when you come off a subway, and have to remove it to lower the handle to walk up stairs, etc.

So, I am trying to picture what you mean in your comment:
"I used this handle with the euro travel bags over the handle strap (like the added snap that keeps the euro bag from swinging around."
And, I wonder if this, if you could clarify, would help me with my issue.

I did recently buy each of us his Ravenna Day Pack, as it has an awesome-looking "sleeve" to slip over the roller bag handle. I think I will use it, but my husband is dubious because of its reduced capacity.


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I bought the RS Euro Flight bag and have taken it on 2 European trips so far and will take it on my 3rd next week (yikes!) to Italy. I love, love this bag, it is perfect for all the reasons mentioned above in the OP comments. It has a substantial sleeve that allows it to slip over the handle of my wheeled bag and it does not flop around at all, it stays put.

Good luck,
Judy B

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to vfyorke the webbing of the back strap of the euro flight bag seems substantial for my bag and the snap in the middle stays snapped for me. I do believe you need some weight in the bottom of the euro bag so it is more bottom than top heavy. You may want to find an alterations person in your area and ask if they can add wider webbing or better snap to your bag.

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I have the Ravenna daybag, it seems to have less capacity than the Civita bag, but everything I needed to put into the Ravenna bag did fit. That sleeve is really helpful, too.

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We have some of the RS luggage and are in the midst of planning a trip/tour to SE Asia. We will be making some local flights on Bangkok Airlines. The size of their carry on restrictions is about normal for overseas flights and the RS luggage meets these dimensions. It is the weight limit of 5 kg (11 lbs) that is the problem No way can we live with that so there goes the carry on plans. So we will go with full size luggage and have the "luxury" of not having to justify every ounce. Luckily, this is a tour and once we arrive our luggage will be taken care of by the tour company. Oh, our flight over on Qatar Airlines is not much better, their weight restriction is 7 kg (15 lbs).

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Thanks for the comments on the Euro Flight Bag. Ours are the older version, and our snap definitely does not stay closed, and we do put the weight in the bottom (men's shoes). But they definitely slop around for both of us. We've had to resort to taking it off and carrying it while walking to our hotels, etc. We were having to stop every minute or so in order to realign it on top of the rolling bag. The last time, my husband used the shoulder strap to wrap around it to hold it snugly to the extended handle. Not very slick.

We will definitely figure out a way to make the part that holds onto the handle more robust. I think part of the problem is that we put it on top of the rolling carry on, which provides a very shallow platform for the wider base of the Euro Bag to sit upon. It just wants to slouch/sag over the top of the rolling bag, then it flops around, underneath the handle.

I will definitely figure out a modification... I'm a "design engineer wannabe"! I'm just surprised to hear that it has been working for others. Perhaps you are speaking of the newer version (currently sold on this site), as opposed to the older one. Don't know.


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I have the 20" rolling carry-on and like it very much. I used it on our first, 12-day trip to Europe last year, several domestic trips and overnight car trips. I got the Euro flight bag for Christmas last year and so far have found it excellent. I used in this summer on flights to and from Florida with no problems at all.

I use the Euro bag as my personal item, carrying my CPAP and things I want access to in-flight. Previously, I tried using the carry-on. slinging my Civita pack over my shoulder and trying to fasten the original CPAP bag (as a third medical device personal item) to the carry-on handle. That was an annoying, juggling mess that really wore me out as the CPAP bag went slipping around during long airport treks.

So far, the Euro bag has been a godsend. Two bags instead of three, and the Euro bag has stayed securely snapped and fastened to the carry-on handle. No problems whatsoever. Next May, I'll see how the whole arrangement handles bumpy cobblestones in Italy.

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I appreciate all the feedback on luggage and packing. But have a question--what is a Euro flight bag? I don't see it in the RS shop.

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I'm on a trip now and since it was longer than previous ones - 3 weeks plus, I thought I'd need a little more room than my Rick's convertible carry on would give me. I supplemented it with the Euro Flight Bag. GREAT DECISION! The bag is extremely functional with its various compartments and is so roomy I was tempted to overpack. It easily slides under an airline seat and was ok to bring on the plane as a personal item. With its easily attachable shoulder strap, it makes a good substitute for a day pack, as well.

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I have used the Euro Flight Bag for several trips (3 weeks, 8 weeks) as an addition to a 22" roller bag, which was checked for flights. The Euro bag fit well on the roller bag and carried a LOT of stuff. For trains, my husband lifted the two rollers on and off, and I carried my Euro bag, using the shoulder strap, and his personal bag (and often, my Civita backpack full of train snacks.) Highly recommended!

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I agree with the rolling carry on. From what I can tell, it's the best I've ever had - everything has a purpose. I'm starting to get used to packing cubes and so far like the organization (I'm an engineer). Waiting to get one for my wife for our trips coming up - can we get them on sale soon RS? :)