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Replacement for OPEC/Campmor bag?

Many one bag travelers lamented the end of the OPEC/Campmor bag for its light weight and low cost. I'm wondering if this bag from Ikea might be a replacement? I don't have the bag but it seems interesting. It's 36L and weighs 1 lb, 10 oz. (I go the 36L number from a European website for Ikea.)

The page shows dimensions but that's for the shipping dimensions not the bag.

Anyone here have one?

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I love the last photo of the bags all lined up on the steps waitingfortherick stevesbus. . If anyone is tempted to order, the 2 gallon day pack is on clearance for 2.99 and weighs 4 oz

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It looks close but lacks the handle on the side. I used to be able to get as much into it as my 22” roll aboard.

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Without seeing one, it's hard to say, but at 1# 10 oz, I think it is actually a little lighter that the OPEC bag, which I still have.

Ten gallons is 2310 cu in, which is less than the 2772 for US carryon limits (which is actually a little long for European airlines. But with a soft bag, unless you cram it so full it becomes rigid, you can generally squish it enough to fit the sizers.)

When I was using the OPEC bag, my big complaint was that it didn't have cinch straps. Since what I packed (1400 cu in) was so much less than the capacity of the OPEC bag, it sagged badly. I eventually bought a 1# heavier eTech Weekender just to get the cinch straps (and a sternum strap). The Ikea bag has cinch straps, so if the bag isn't full, you can tighten the load, plus it has a sternum strap.

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I, too, still have my OPEC bag and upgraded to the L. L. Bean Quickload for the cinch straps. Now I'm getting so old I'll use a roller bag but the IKEA one looks good.