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Repack after clearing security? (Note: A Nerdy Post)

I have realized that I repack my bag several times as I am traveling, although to a limited degree. I have wondered if anyone else does something similar. I go through 4 phases.

In the first phase, I pack as tightly as possible to get to the airport with the least number of bags to contend with. The aim is to put everything in two bags with nothing left out so the chances of forgetting or losing something is lessened.

I'm the second phase, before going through security, I unpack anything that might cause the TSA to unpack my bags. For example, I pull out all the electronics and mechanical things, which travel through the x-ray in their own bag. I have had security completely unpack too many bags when something set off the need for further inspection. Chargers with lots of wires along with batteries and flashlights seen to have been the culprits, but you never know because they don't say. At this stage, two bags usually turns into four.

After clearing security, in phase three, I repack to get back to a carry on and a personal item, but things have to be shifted a bit. The idea is to move things to the personal item that I might want easy access to on the flight. Everything else goes into the carry on. The liquids bag gets separated into two categories, for example. Some things in the carry on get shifted to the personal item, such as a neck pillow or jacket. I have to move some things to the personal item, though, because the carry on is not that big and what I need in the personal item is fairly small. And, of course, I am only allowed to take two things in the cabin.

Phase four is basically restoring things back to phase one, and is done once I reach my destination airport. Things that spread out a bit on the plane need to be redistributed to reduce what I must manage carrying onward to the most concise set of bags.

I try to make the shifting around as manageable as possible by using packing cubes and bags, but it still feels like a production.

I might not have to go through all this if I used slightly larger bags and had more room, but I find that I keep returning to using the smallest bags possible to just barely hold what I am taking.

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I take one 21 inch roller bag that I check. I carry on a backpack that contains all the things I want for the plane, any electronics, documents, camera gear, meds, a shirt and clean underwear. Anything that I cannot afford to lose or would be difficult to replace is in that backpack. I pull out the stuff at security from that bag such as a 311 bag, IPad, phone or whatever is required and put it all back in the backpack when it is through security.

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And before anyone else says it, yes this post may not be of any interest to anyone, including members of the cult of ultralight packers. For that, I can only apologize.

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Paul, I’m happy to hear I’m not the only one with phases of packing :). Although some of my phases are similar to what you describe (1 - 3), I also differ in some. For instance, I have things I put in my carryon (clothing etc just in case checked bag takes an alternate route to mine) that will eventually end up in the checked bag for the duration of the trip and vice versa (stuff that goes in checked that would/may be problematic through security). And all these phases of packing take a lot of forethought lol but I can’t seem to shake ‘em. Although, as you mention, packing cubes and various other types of ways to corral stuff certainly helps with the redistribution processes.

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When I saw your title, I thought you were going to share what happened after being pulled out of line for a special unpacking/search of your suitcase. I had that happen in Madrid. I saw others’ bags being completely emptied into a mess on the tables, and as you described, I put a lot of thought into where I want everything in my bad & daypack. Fortunately, when they opened my bag and removed my sweater, they saw everything else in RS mesh packing cubes - looked around the edges and let me move on. Whew!

I just have a carry-on suitcase & daypack, so I have my liquids bag in the front pocket of my suitcase. My cords are in my daypack, so if they wanted to inspect them, that’s not an issue. After security, I place the liquids inside my toiletry bag. Otherwise, everything is the same place my whole trip.

I move locations a lot on trips (11 on this trip), riding by train, so I keep everything very organized - always goes back into the same location to make it much easier & quicker to head out the door.

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I am organized to make going through security easier. Everything that may have to be removed or may cause an issue is in my day pack. Nothing needs to come out of my carry on. Well, usually. There was the time my travel size roll of duct tape had a young lady working at Gatwick security all perplexed.

3-1-1 bag, larger electronics, or anything I need for the plane, are in my daypack. All easily reachable.

I can repack in seconds. Except for the larger electronics that need to be unpacked for security and have their own pocket in my daypack, everything else is in packing cube or sac. Organized, not loose, and easily visible should security want to look at it.

If there are items you want on the plane, pack them in their own cube. This way, you just have to remove the cube before storing your stuff. Again, mine is in my daypack.

From what I'm reading, you are packing your "security" items all over the place. Have them in one place--either carry on or daypack. No need to shift anything. Everything is in the same place and packed the same way. Easy out, easy in.

Make sure you use different color cubes for your day pack so you know what is in each one and not have to open up to check.

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Great ideas here cause I feel I can always improve my packing skills. Frank, good idea to use a cube for my day pack so I can just remove everything I need for the plane. I usually have it all over the place and always need something else after is it stowed overhead.

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yes this post may not be of any interest to anyone, including members of the cult of ultralight packers.
The aim is to put everything in two bags with nothing left out so the chances of forgetting or losing something is lessened.

You're already in the carry-only cult; you only need to get organized to move smoothly through the predictable obstacles. My advice has already been provided by FrankII: All of my stuff is segregated based on the known demands of the security system and my in-cabin needs; my main bag and everything in it remains untouched till I arrive at the first hotel.

I might not have to go through all this if I used slightly larger bags and had more room, but I find that I keep returning to using the smallest bags possible to just barely hold what I am taking.

Your system, as it exists, produces unnecessary complications and would stress me out. But you seem to like it that way. Do not get a bigger bag. That path leads to madness.

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Great idea about the packing cube with plane essentials, Frank.

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Frank, that is a great idea to use a packing cube for all your ‘security’ stuff. I’ll try it next trip!

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Having a catch all drawstring bag in a dedicated section of my carryon (backpack) for stuff that comes out at security definitely made it an easier process on my most recent trip. After security though, things were redistributed to preferred locations. What is taken out at security is not what necessarily what I need on the plane, so a redistribution happens for what I want to have on hand during the flight. I’m trying to be more efficient at the process with each trip (getting there!)

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You are right, Paul...there is a lot of repacking going on these days for us all.
I have all my stuff that security might want to look at on the top of the bag I take into the cabin.
After security, I pull out the smaller sized about 9X6X2 inches big, of the reusable grocery bags that we all use nowadays, and find a quiet corner to put into it all the things I'll need in-flight.
I don't put my cabin bag/carryon whatever it is, on the floor of the airplane....eewww.
Then I can put it in the overhead bin (I know, it's no cleaner in there than the floor....).
My little bag gives me more room to put my feet under the seat in front of me, and I'm not jumping up to open the bin for stuff.
On arrival, I put the grocery carrier inside out (for washing it later) in my bigger bag, and put all my inflight stuff back in there too.
Fussy, but it works for me.

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@ S J - nice to hear I’m not the only one who uses and then turns the under the seat in front of me bag inside out for washing later (due to the ‘eewww’ factor). Sometimes I think I’m getting carried away but then the ‘eewww’ factor convinces me otherwise.

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I immediately find myself trying to think of subcategories to bag--in the lightest possible bag, like maybe those crushable netting produce bags.

  • CSA-interest stuff needed in flight.
  • CSA-interest stuff not needed in flight.
  • Bag for the two CSA-interest bags.

  • Liquids needed in flight. (I'm assuming that even though they're both of CSA interest, you don't want your liquids with your electronics.)

  • Liquids not needed in flight.

  • Bag for the two liquids bags.

  • Bag for other stuff needed in flight.

  • Bag for stuff not needed in flight, if there's any stuff not needed in flight that you need, at any time, to put in your personal item.

Then I imagine color-coding! In flight bags are blue! Not-in-flight bags are orange! Everything of CSA interest gets a red drawstring!

So, obvious, I too am nerdy here.

In terms of actual execution, I've been thinking, through three road trips, that I really need to stop digging six things out of my backpack to put in my door pocket, and instead pre-pack them in one bag in the backpack. And I haven't done it yet.

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Carryon bag = clothes only.

Personal Item = electronics (minimal), liquids (minimal), cables, chargers, anything questionable

No worries.

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I am a proud member of the ultra-lightweight packing religion. I actually was years before I knew it was an organized sect. The sole bag I took on my first trip overseas, 30 plus years ago, was a Jansport backpack that I think was about 30 L. I did no sink washing, so I had clothes packed for every day of a 14 day trip. I even packed a second pair of shoes. I have no idea how I accomplished this feat and have never been able to recreate it. I plan for a lot of clothes washing these days and I often risk taking just the shoes on my feet.

My mania about packing just right arises from my determination to never check a bag and to avoid being forced to gate check my carry on because the plane is full. To that end, I want my carry on to possibly fit under the seat and my other bag to possibly be squeezed in beside it. So far it has worked and they leave me alone and focus on those who wheel.

To keep my carry on and second bag very small, I pack them very tightly. My clothes are in a compression bag to take up less room and the packing bags I use are more floppy sacks than cubes (but I really prefer the cubes).

Although my approach would stress out bogiesan, I am more stressed by the risk of a gate check. Avoiding that possibility is the greater goal. I do agree with the prescription he gave: "Do not get a bigger bag. That path leads to madness."

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Blockquote I am more stressed by the risk of a gate check . . .

I hear you on that Paul. I used to fly monthly to Chicago, on AA regional jets, and every time they would announce they were gate checking carryons to your final destination. Once I asked the gate agent if I was connecting in ORD for Europe . . . . and she confirmed my bag would be checked through to Europe. That would be awful. Its something people living near gateway airports dont worry about.

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I am of the carry-on only cult, and really appreciate all of the great ideas!

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I can appreciate your multi phase packing. It makes sense to me, although I do not do as much shifting as all that. I know that not everyone has the option to travel with children, but traveling with kids has created new packing opportunities. Their clothes are smaller, and their toiletries is basically an added toothbrush, so we found traveling with our children created extra packing options and our carryons became so much lighter. We do not travel with more, but my bag and my husband's became so much lighter since some things could be shifted to their carryons.