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Red Oxx Bag Review

(I do not have any connection to Red Oxx, except as a customer.)
PUP bag. I really like this bag. Versatile as a purse/ lunch tote/convention bag/airline under seat bag.
Pro.s: good pocket organization, trolley strap, can hold 1 days worth of clothes in a packing cube. The nylon straps are fine for hauling short periods of time and short distances. For long distances and long carry time periods - I recommend the rubber claw shoulder strap at an extra charge.
Zipper pulls come in a black reflective color which is different than the online photos showing silver gray pulls. I bought and added the bright red reflective zipper pulls for contrast and fun.

I recommend this bag.

(If you need a larger underseat bag that can hold 3 days of clothes - get the MUTT.)

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Took a look. Beautifully constructed and a bonus that it's a Veteran owned company.

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I've purchased a few small items from Red Oxx. Everything has been great, all their stuff looks great, I like their approach. Not cheap, but quality stuff.

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I actually returned the one I bought. It was just too heavy but they’re excellent pieces of luggage

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It is a heavier bag, but I still find it very useful. I am in my fifties and am under 5’5.” For a man, it’s great.
For me, I use it everyday for work (car travel) and errands. I used it at a 3 day convention and it worked great. I did use the claw shoulder strap at the convention and was glad I did. Would I use it as an all day carry bag while walking around - no, because of the weight. I bet my husband could carry it all day with no problem.

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Red Oxx is right up there with Tom Bihn for quality. Buy once for life, made in the USA.

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I have two of their duffels and they are, quite possibly, bullet proof as I have used them as gym bags and camping bags with reckless abandon.

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I have a couple of Red Oxx bags and they're exceptional quality! I would also recommend them highly.

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I have several of their bags and love them. I am always contemplating another one because I like them so much. My latest purchase was an Extra Small Aviator which I think paired with the K-12 Katpack would hold enough for me for a few weeks (with doing sink laundry and a capsule wardrobe). The Aviator fits into the overhead and the K-12 would fit under the seat with 1 days worth of clothing and all of the in-flight items.