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Recycling programs—REI and Patagonia

Both these companies (and perhaps others) have programs that allow you to turn in lightly-used clothing and gear in good condition for credit. You can apply the credit toward the full range of products, not just used. They do not accept baselayers or underwear, but it is good for jackets of all kinds, trousers, shoes and boots, and backpacks, etc. Patagonia only accepts their own brand, and REI only accepts products they have actually carried (but not necessarily purchased from them.

I sent some jackets I no longer wear (fleece, rain jacket, and ultra-light wind/mist jacket) and a cashmere sweater that I should not have purchased (too big at the outset) back to Patagonia and was surprised at how generous the credit is.

You can also shop online for bargains on jackets, etc. you need. They are not at thrift store prices, but still much less than you would pay for new items.

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Great idea - I never realized they did this. Good for them. Thanks for the tip!

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I've bought very lightly used (practically brand new) running shoes and boots from REI for a very good price, so I'm very grateful that people turn in their unwanted stuff and that stuff is able to find a better home. Both Patagonia and REI are solid companies with good values, and their recycling programs are well utilized.

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I've done that on several occasions with REI and have always been pleased with the credit and with the items I purchased.

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Been enjoying REI since the early 70’s. First visit was the Berkeley, CA. store. No recollection of what I bought.

Do know over decades have purchased: boots, socks, long johns, a tent, flashlights, collapsible walking poles, snow gloves, Sahara shirts and zip off pants, handkerchiefs, and a waterproof carrier for matches.

All of the above and most importantly It’s where my appreciation for the Keen brand of footwear began.

The younger employees get a kick out of my original non laminated membership card.

Recycle when I can ( store In Arcadia, CA) although the majority of my items are still in use.